Truth Revisited

Dominic A. Thomas – you can visit his site here at:

hmmm…a bio…that’s the purpose of my writing; to allow you to glimpse into the world that i live in for you to see me through my words, but here goes nothing. my name is dominic antoine thomas, the oldest and only son, and the big brother. in high school chorus, I picked the nickname “Truth” as a reflection of my genuine and authentic character, and it stuck. i think it represents me well. i’m an artist. it’s in my spirit. i can’t suppress it or hide it. i love the idea of creating a masterpiece out of 26 little characters, it’s amazing to me. for me to be blessed enough to sit and create something without thinking or intending to just…it’s just amazing. i give God all the glory, He’s pretty good at what He does, and He blessed me. i don’t label anything that i write, it’s just how i feel, how someone else feels, something i need to tell myself, or something I need to tell someone else. it has a way of manifesting itself artistically. i guess when i think about it, i’m a storyteller, whether through the page as a poet or music as a songwriter. i love symbolism, it’s mysterious and open to interpretation, and i write with it. maybe one day, i’ll be as talented as a source of inspiration, Lupe Fiasco, to combine symbolism and play on words. i’m shy, and i’m nervous, and i’m afraid that what i do won’t be accepted or liked, a result of the pressures of being first born, but i’m realizing that i felt what i felt, and i wrote what i wrote. period. at the end of the week, i’m one week stronger. at the end of the day, i’m one day smarter. i continue to grow in multiple ways, therefore I continue to write.


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