The Poet Noire Herself

The Poet Noire

  I write, it is what I do. It is my passion and only an entity of who I am. 

A sophomore film production major at Howard University with an affinity for random moments and spontaneous laughing tantrums. 

A young lady with goals to help her community. I like to consider myself apart of the Talented 10th with a 90th association. 

For those that know me and love me, you push me to do better. 

What I believe in, is being an agent for change; either you are assisting or you are a hindrance. 

I must succeed so that I can go back and help alleviate if not rid the injustices that always seem to prevail in the community that has stolen my heart be it my alma maters, home, or home away from home.

Big City Dreams with a small town heart; my history is what sets me apart from others.

My mentors are both young and old but they never cease to amaze me. 

Not a perfect person even though I strive to be. 

God is my biggest fan.

On the other hand I am a fan of exclusive kicks, movies, people with substance, good food, great music, getting an education, and being in a positive environment. 

Nothing more, nothing less,

This is the Poet Noire…

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7 responses

14 05 2008


26 06 2008

This website is amazing. You have a lot of talent.

8 07 2008

Could you contact me? I’m working on a story, related to your blog. Thanks, Mike

13 08 2008

i appreciate your born talent … thanks for birthing life into many of those who breathe

30 10 2008
Andrew Pennick

Wow , you have a grown a long way since the Lanier purple pup days . Stay up
: – ) You are a taste of refreshment

14 04 2009
Dred Sista Ren

Sis, hit me up by email so that i may send you my #. i would Love to share with You some wonderful 411.

6 06 2009

Great site. I was emailed a realease form for Poetics Noire and I accidentally deleted it. How can I get another?

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