Howard University Freshman Info pt.2

This is just a continuation of the Howard University posts. 

Registration and What not:

There is nothing worse than the feeling of not knowing which classes to take or if you will be behind but it is not as hard as it seems. 

Each school has a scheme that you should follow but remember that is also gives room for you to take classes that you would be interested in. Do not be afraid to email or call your advisors with questions. I can speak on behalf of the John H. Johnson School of Communications, our advisors are AMAZING! 

So how to pick your classes…

For those who were lucky enough to go to Pre-Orientation this is already done for you as well as the School of Business students. So again, if you went to Pre-O and have already registered, then you may skip this post or read it next for next semester when you have to pick your classes on your own. School of Business Students, you do NOT need to register for your classes. 

Those who aren’t so lucky, here is what you need to do:

Early Registration is July 10-16th- Online via Bison Web

If you miss this deadline, registration for ALL students is August 21st-29th.

  1. Take the Math Placement Test. I was placed in Calculus but my major only requires Algebra 1, so you better believe I took Algebra 1 instead of busting my butt in Calc. Don’t just put anything on test but don’t stress out over it. 
  2. Turn in your medical forms. Make sure that they are completed and make plenty of copies of the forms. Perfect place to put them is in your trusty, “I got my stuff on lock” binder.
  3. Check Bison Web to see what hold you do have on your account and call the office that can help you get it off after you met the requirements.  
  4. Visit your respective school’s website. 

College of Arts and Sciences – Newsletter for Freshmen MUST READ

College of Arts and Sciences Main Website

JHJ School of Communications Freshmen Website

Howard University School of Business

College of Engineering, Architecture, and Computer Science

School of Education

More information on Academics at HU

  • How are the professors?

Well personally, I have already had my share of professors that I would rather have not taken but remember that at the end of the day…your main goal is that degree. Thus said, do what you got to do! is a god send. Sometimes you will not have the chance to take the teacher of your choice but it does give you an idea of what to look/not look forward to. 

  • How should I choose my classes?

Don’t think that just because your high school started early will mean that you will be able to wake up for an 8:00am class. If you are not a morning person, don’t do it to yourself if you have to opportunity not to. Some classes you will not be able to pick an optimal time but if you can, take that opportunity.  As a freshman, you basically get last dibs on all of the classes so some may not be available. You have the option of overriding the Bisonweb system when you get here. This should be a last resort because not all professors will sign your override slips. (You can get them from your advisor.)

  • How many classes are right for me?

I have had a full schedule since freshman year in high school. That doesn’t mean it will work in college. Yeah you have the academic part of school but remember that no matter what, it is still a major transition regardless of how “grown” you think you are. I say keep it cozy with 15-16 hours/credit. Most classes are three credit hours. Your physical education and orientation classes are usually one credit hours. Harder classes that are worth four credit hours can really mess your GPA up if you don’t do well so think about it this way, you need a life outside of school regardless of what anyone says. I make sure that i have time for me. Twelve credit hours is all you ned to be a full time student but if you want to drop a class with 12 hours, then you will be in some financial trouble. So keep that in mind. 

  • How do I know my schedule is okay?

Email your advisor your schedule just to make sure that you are taking the right classes for your major or at least going in the right direction for a timely graduation. 


  • You can’t register with a hold on your account. 
  • The later you register, the amount of classes available will have decreased significantly.
  • Ask questions.
Classes begin on Monday, August 25, 2008.
Howard U!!! Enough Said! – Basic Information

So for those of you that don’t know, I attend the Real HU. Not the original HU (Harvard) but the prestigious Howard University. Yeah, it has its issues but if you handle your stuff early, its not that big of a hassle. I have been speaking to a lot of incoming freshmen about how to get ready for the Mecca of Black Education and usually I am answering the same questions…EPIPHANY…. why not make a post since I am waiting for fireworks. I will try to break this post up into individual issues and hopefully it helps. (Don’t forget to submit poetry for my book!) 

  • First off, I have been accepted and what now:
  1.  Take time to look at the website @ Being the nerd that I am, I read everything from the handbooks to looking at the photo galleries. 
  2. Make a phonebook of who you need to know and why you need to know them. Howard has a way of NOT answering phones, but the trick is to call someone in an office similar to theirs and ask for a specific person. You can do this by going to the A-Z directory online. By doing this they will forward you to the direct office and not the main line/secretary. It helps when you need a hold removed ASAP.
  3. Along with your phone book listed above, buy a large ringed binder that you can just put all of your correspondence with Howard inside of such as Bills, Emails, Postcards, etc. When you have to follow up a call have space inside where you can write down the NAME, NUMBER, TIME, OFFICE, AND the ISSUE. This makes it easy for you to not get taken advantage of because you have all of your information. This may seem like overkill but this has helped me so much especially when I was overcharged on my account. 
  4. Join the online networking groups. I am known for creating groups and answering my peers questions. You are not alone in the issues that you have and if someone else knows the answer, most likely it will be in the comfort of your class’ online community. Swap emails and make friends. One thing that caught me off guard was expecting everyone to be the computer alias. Its not a bad thing but just remember that a computer acquaintance is different than meeting in person. Facebook, myspace, hbcuconnect, etc. (I would list blackplanet but I don’t know if it still is widely used lol)
  5. Pay close attention to the calendar. Print it off and give a copy to your parents and keep one for yourself. If you don’t receive a bill, you are still responsible to pay. Thus said, you need to be playing hardcore chess right now. Now the move you need to make way before you need to make it!
  6. Ask questions to people who have been there. A lot of people will give you advice you don’t need so ask specific questions. Again, being the nerd and inquisitive person, I read all the forums, boards, etc just to see what other people would say. In the end a lot of it was exaggeration, so remember you still have the chance to make your own experience.
  1. If you have parents like mine, they want to know everything early. Howard doesn’t necessarily operate on an early time schedule but most dates are listed on the site. Here is a list of payment dates and deadlines along with their respective offices. HOWARD DOES NOT EXCEPT PERSONAL CHECKS BECAUSE PEOPLE LIKE TO WRITE HOT CHECKS! Hey, I just keep it real. 
  • MAY 1, 2008- You should have turned in your Enrollment Deposit Form/ Payment as well as your Residence Life Form and Payment. (Deadline Passed)
  • June 1, 2008-
  1. Ten Month Payment Plan Enrollment deadline for Fall 2008 Semester: Under this plan, you make 5 scheduled payments per semester and may exit out of this interest free program any time you wish. If you have missed the deadline and choose to enter it in the Spring Semester, November 1 is the deadline for enrollment. For more information please call, 1-877-484-1526. 
  • August 1, 2008- 
  1. Payment In Full: If you have chosen to pay off you Fall 2008 Semester in one FULL payment, then this is due on the date listed. Spring 2009 Semester is due on December 18,2008.
  2. Deferred Payment: This is where you pay off your tuition in 2 installments. Half of this payment is due on August 1. The second payment is due 60 days after the late registration date. HOUSING AND MEAL PLANS ARE NOT INCLUDING IN THIS. HOUSING/MEAL PLAN MUST BE PAID IN FULL PRIOR TO MOVING IN! 


Methods of Payment: Credit Card

You can use BisonWeb to pay by credit card

Transfer from your account to Howard University’s Bank of America Account

or use can fax in the Credit Card Authorization Form. The Fax # is listed at the Bottom Right of the Page.

All information used in this post that was not already included can be found at the following links:

Methods of Payment

Paying your balance

2008-2009 Calendar

Cashier’s Office


3 responses

25 07 2008
victoria draper

This is so helpful to me. I’m so lucky to have stumbled across this website. If you have any more advice feel free to contact me at or

–Victoria Draper

20 05 2009
Logan Heiman

This blog is a godsend. I’ve been freaking out because I’ve heard horror stories about Howard’s administration. I’ve heard it’s one of the worst in the country with which to deal. Thanks for posting. I’ll be referring to this throughout the summer.

21 05 2009

Awww thank you Logan. If you have any other questions just hit me up directly on my email- BERICKETT@YAHOO.COM

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