Harry Potter’s Black Cousin



Adrian S. Potter writes poetry and short fiction.  Despite the silly questions people ask, he is not related to Harry Potter, but would pretend to be his cousin for a lucrative book deal.  Adrian believes in writing as a vehicle for catharsis, confession, and change.  In other words, you won’t find any odes to butterflies or cheesy fairytales authored by him.  What he hopes is that his words will have a positive impact on society, that people can find something they can relate to within his thoughts and feelings.


Adrian was awarded first prize in the 2007 Saturday Writers One-Page Poem Contest and the 2006 Červená Barva Press Fiction Chapbook Prize.  Some of his previous publication credits include Reed, Cherry Bleeds, Main Channel Voices, Blue Earth Review and Poesia.  His first fiction chapbook, Survival Notes, is now available through Červená Barva Press. 


Additional propaganda about Adrian and his writing can be found at http://adrianspotter.squarespace.com/.


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