About Poetics Noire

So you want to be a Poet Noire?

Do you not know where to start?

Good, well help is here.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you have to be black? 

  •      No, you don’t have to be black. This is not the 1960’s where you have to go to a different stall depending on color.

So why is this book about promoting the minority p.o.v?

  • This book is not dedicated to only portraying how minorities feel on given issues; this is about helping to rid stereotypes of ALL people through art. The common link that all humans have is through communication. Communication is the key to abolishing institutions that hinder the growth of all people. This is not a means of fixing all the problems, it is just putting the problems into a forum of discussion in a way that doesn’t denounce another group.

So what is the true purpose of The Poetics Noire: Volume I?

  • Simply put- TO UPLIFT THE PEOPLE. To give hope to a society that is being torn apart. A lot of people talk about how the future generation is destined to fail. This is just one step towards changing that mindset. 

When is the deadline?

  • AUGUST 1, 2008 (This is the extended deadline and editing will begin on August 2, 2008)

How will I know if I am chosen?

  • You will receive flowers and a car in the mail, courtesy of Oprah Winfrey. JUST KIDDING! But you will receive an email confirmation with the next steps that you need to take.

What are the submission guidelines?

  • Poetry, Photography, and artwork are valid submissions
  • Must be the original work of the artist
  • Email all submissions to poeticsnoire@yahoo.com
  1. Must include full name 
  2. Working Contact Number
  3. Best Time to contact
  4. Theme of your work
  5. Title of your work
  6. If you are in school, which school do you attend?
  • There is no limit to the amount of submissions. 

Will I be paid?

  • No. This is a pro bono gig but will look wonderful on your resume and/or portfolio.

How do I get featured on the website?

  • If you have been approved as a contributor than you will be sent a confirmation email from me personally with how to get featured on the website. 

How will my work be protected?

  • You have all the rights to your work. Hence the word YOUR! However, people in this world are out to get you. I, on the other hand have no use to claim your work since I think I am a pretty good writer myself. To ensure this, the anthology will be registered with the US Copyright office. Each author/ artist will be listed on the document to ensure that they maintain the rights to each of their submissions. REMEMBER TO ALWAYS PROTECT YOURSELF!

Am I too young to be a Poet Noire:


  • Um….NO! If you have an idea, can write, and project your craft then I want to promote your work. But if you are under 13, I will need your parent’s permission to publish your work and to publish your biography on the website. However, I will not be publishing pictures or certain information about younger contributors. This is not a mandated law but personal beliefs. Being The Poet Noire, it is my personal mandate to protect all that support this project including the younger contributors. 


Contact Information:

Email: poeticsnoire@yahoo.com or write@poeticsnoire.com

Contact Name: Britany Elise Rickett

I have a facebook too!


Thanks for visiting the site!

Creative Commons License
The Poetics Noire: Volume I by Britany Elise Rickett is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at southernbellestilltrill.wordpress.com.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at www.poeticsnoire.com.


6 responses

15 06 2008

Excellent site! Indeed a positive contribution to the Afrosphere community.

Thanks for your visit and comment at Afrospear. You have been also added to our blogroll.

Blessings and continued success!


15 06 2008

One more thing… have you heard of “Poefrika”? It’s a weblog of creative, Africa-inspired writing. Check it out… I am sure you will find it of interest:




15 06 2008

thanks for the heads up! Appreciate it! I am checking it out now!

15 06 2008

Cheers to you, Asabagna and B.

11 07 2008

Congrats on getting your site up Brit. . . I’m extremely proud of you for sticking to your dream and seeing it through. I will be adding somethings to your spot soon so look out for my emails.

Hope that your summer is going great! Can’t wait to get back to HU and see every one.

18 09 2008
Dred Sista Ren


Peace & Blessings BabySister,

of course, it be i & i &
i Love You, Lovely.

i’m digging ‘Textual Relations’ like an archaeologist.

Love & Alafia,

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