Howard University Class of 2013 and Transfers

23 03 2009

It is that time of year again and I am elated to congratulate the newest members of the Bison family. I will be updating the information about Howard so check it out. Any questions….just ask! Congratulations and I hope that you love Howard in its entirety…trials and all! 🙂




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18 05 2009

I am so glad I found this…. you are my new hero! I am transferring to HU in the fall and after reading some of the information you had up, it just seemed really helpful. I actually do have a question… when are we supposed to be receive our financial aid packages? I had to turn in my W-2s as well as my parents and I look on Bison and everything is satisfied I just haven’t heard anything from HU. Also I need some advice… I was going to live on campus but now I am reconsidering. I am looking at apartments as well…just because i will be closer to 21 once school comes around…. do you have any suggestions or advice????

18 05 2009

You will receive your financial aid package around Late June or July. I usually advise students to contact the Financial Aid office throughout the summer to make sure that everything is in order. Sometimes I would just call the office and just say Hi because I called the office sooooo much!
I will be 21 in December and I’m staying in the Towers which is pretty much where all of the Juniors and Seniors will be living. Apartment living can be painful especially if it your first time staying in the D.C area. Plus parking is HORRIBLE! Hit me up with any more questions! 🙂

14 06 2009

I will be attending howard in the fall and i just want to know when i will recieve my HU email account!! i want to be added to the network for facebook and i need a student email to do it.. =/

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