The Sparkling Beehive

13 02 2009

So those who are Poetics followers know that I have my own non-profit dedicated to combatting the streets and its grasps on our youth. At first I called this movement, Y.E.S I Can which stood for Youth Empowerment and Stability. This is still the mantra but ol’ buddy POTUS Barack Obama kind of stole my shine. Just because I know how to let another person have their shine, I changed the name of the non-profit to create a brand identity. The Sparkling Beehive will takeover for Y.E.S I Can but the mission will stay the same- GET OUR YOUTH OFF THE STREETS AND INTO CLASSROOMS…but not just have them sit there…equip them with the tools to succeed. Bees have to work extra hard because of their big bodies and little wings but they get the job done and the world depends on them (pollination). Children who come from low income backgrounds are facing the same fate but the majority of the world doesn’t realize that we should depend on them. My first initial is B and I have always been called a busy B….guess its sort of my mandate! 


The Sparkling Beehive formerly Y.E.S I Can

“Because hard work deserves a place to shine.”




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