Results Gym DC

27 02 2009

So I have just joined Results the Gym in DC. Really really nice gym and I get to use the multiple locations available. You also get one session of free personal training! Go check it out and tell them that Britany sent you!


So the internet takeover might have to quit…

16 02 2009

Since some people don’t know the difference between business and pleasure, I am going to delete some of the pages. For those who tried to “holla” at ya girl, I apologize but I am not feeling it. I can promote my book via PN Headquarters [here] and other venues but I will not subject myself to the normal “hey sexy ma, Holla at me” …No thanks!

Welcome New Board of Directors’ Members for the Sparkling Beehive

13 02 2009

The Sparkling Beehive wants to extend a warm welcome to 3 new members of the  Board of Directors 

Ariana Green 

    A future anesthesiologist with hopes of attending Johns Hopkins University  to pursue her M.D after graduating from Howard University with a B.A in Biology in May 2011. 

Lindsey Payne

    A current Speech Pathology major with hopes of attaining her master’s degree in Linguistics and establishing a non-profit organization dedicated to serving underprivileged  youth. 

Akia Dillard

   Ms. Dillard is a Psychology major with an affinity for helping in the community. She serves as a tutor to DC area students as part of the HeadsUP program. She hopes to further expand her reach in the psychology field by attending grad school and becoming a marriage counselor. 

I am honored to welcome these women into the Sparkling Beehive family, but I am even more proud to call these women my friends. All are current students at Howard University with an affinity for helping the community.

Friday the 13th

13 02 2009

So tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and I am very excited…Why? Because I get to spend it with my girls! Nobody every said single ladies couldn’t have a good day. What is popping this weekend you ask? hmmm I will get back to you with some events and Valentine’s Day perfect locations!

The Sparkling Beehive

13 02 2009

So those who are Poetics followers know that I have my own non-profit dedicated to combatting the streets and its grasps on our youth. At first I called this movement, Y.E.S I Can which stood for Youth Empowerment and Stability. This is still the mantra but ol’ buddy POTUS Barack Obama kind of stole my shine. Just because I know how to let another person have their shine, I changed the name of the non-profit to create a brand identity. The Sparkling Beehive will takeover for Y.E.S I Can but the mission will stay the same- GET OUR YOUTH OFF THE STREETS AND INTO CLASSROOMS…but not just have them sit there…equip them with the tools to succeed. Bees have to work extra hard because of their big bodies and little wings but they get the job done and the world depends on them (pollination). Children who come from low income backgrounds are facing the same fate but the majority of the world doesn’t realize that we should depend on them. My first initial is B and I have always been called a busy B….guess its sort of my mandate! 


The Sparkling Beehive formerly Y.E.S I Can

“Because hard work deserves a place to shine.”

Taking over the web…PNV1 Style

10 02 2009

So the world wide web has provided me with the best free marketing tools…SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES. It will help me reach target audiences with the click of a mouse. 

POETICS NOIRE will be on the following websites…..

of course

as well as the creation of a video blog and a new website for The Poetics Noire: Volume I as well as other books that I am working on. Look us up on any of the following. The sites are a way to network with people who are interested in the project but for up to date information is the headquarters! 


Internship Opportunity from Honey Magazine

10 02 2009

Honey Magazine Internship Program 

SO… you wanna be a record exec, a film producer, a designer, a media mogul, the owner of an apparel empire, the next big thing? Just a little fuzzy on how to get there?  Well, Honey wants to help YOU get your foot in the door.  Get started with a Breakthrough
Honey wants to help make your dreams come true.   We’re going to help give you the hookup with some of the outstanding companies that we’ve partnered with.  We know how hard it is just to get a little bit ahead these days, and we DEFINITELY know how hard you’re willing to work to get there.  For those of you who’ve got “it”, Honey is here for you.
Apply to be a part of the Honey Internship Program this summer and start realizing your potential!
Here’s how it works: Honey has partnered with amazing companies in the entertainment, advertising and marketing industries including Miramax Films, Island Def Jam, Motown, Interscope, Universal Records, Martha Stewart, and HBO to offer you a premiere internship in New York City during the summer of 2009.
Interested? Here’s how to apply.
In order to be considered for an internship you must: Internship in the arts and entertainment industry.

  • Be a current sophomore, junior or senior and enrolled at an accredited college or university.
  • Create your own online profile in the Hivespot and  recruit at least 100 of your friends to join.
  • Download and complete an application.

Application requirements:

  • College Transcript
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Resume
  • 1 letter of recommendation from a professor*
  • 1 letter of recommendation from someone that you have worked closely with in the past on a project, job, team or organization.*
  • Completed essays and cover letter describing your interest in the HIP Summer opportunity and your career goals.

*All references will be checked upon final acceptance to HIP.