Rites of Passage and Children

26 10 2008

So I am reading some literature and came to the conclusion that all children need to go through Rites of Passage ceremonies, especially now. Their is a growing lack of respect and I think if we have all children go through some sort of humbling service, the world will be better off. Other tribes and cultures have all of their children go through some sort of ritual to “socialize” them into the ways of that culture. You have gangs and skin heads with initiations to instill hate so why not initiate our children to instill love or respect. Better yet lets stop letting TV raise our children. I am in Intro to Sociology this year and have realized that the problem with society is that we are no longer socializing our children to operate optimally in our society. So to all of those that complain, stop putting your kids on leashes and PAY ATTENTION. Grrrr

On a side not,  I am about to start reading Stolen Legacy so go to Barnes and Noble, Borders, etc and pick it up ..read up…and let me know what you think.




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