Black People and their heads!!!!!

26 10 2008

I would just like to say that this is not a derogatory post but it may offend some. If it does, it is probably speaking on an issue that affects you. 

We are not immune to distress, trauma, and so called “crazy” diseases. Hell after all we have been through in life, I don’t know why we don’t have more cases of depression or anxiety but it just goes to show how strong people really are. I, Britany Elise Rickett, would cry my eyes out if I was beaten, hosed, and segregated. Now my Grandmother went through all of that and she made it know, that she was nobody’s nigger. Yep, that woman was a firecracker. However, just because we are such a strong culture, doesn’t mean that we can’t be affected by mental illnesses. Its perfectly fine! 

Thus said, if you think there is something wrong- GO GET HELP! No need in going through life with bi-polar disorder, depression, anxiety, etc. Its no point in going through life miserable when you can get help. Sometimes medicine doesn’t even have to be involved. Confidentiality is key in the field of the mind. 

If you still don’t think I know what I am talking about, read this and read it again. I SUFFER WITH SEVERE ANXIETY! I had a horrible freshman year because of it. I have highs and lows and smile all the time. I have friends, I have hope, and I have goals in life. I am normal! Nothing wrong with me except that I have anxiety. It isn’t something that the government told me that I had just to get in my brain. It is okay to not be perfect. I am no Dr. Phil but I am a person with a heart. I know how it hurts to be made fun of when people think you are a looney bin. I am really, no. So moving right along. 

My personal testimony- I am doing very well in my classes and I am now more neutral. I can find a balance with my emotions and I am a lot happier. I am not addicted to a pill bottle and don’t need it to operate everyday. I am fine and above that, I am HAPPY! I did gain some weight, but I am about to start working out and make some changing in my daily life. Its not about changing one aspect in your life. Its about going through a major overhaul that leads into happiness. 


Take it how you want it, but its time we fight for ourselves. It is okay to worry about yourself. I know we have been conditioned to care about everyone else but ourselves but the time is now. Go treat yourself today!!!!! 🙂 Tell your boss, I made you do it. I don’t mind being blamed. Have a great week everyone!




2 responses

30 10 2008

you said it very well miss rickett!!

26 01 2009

hello would you email me.. are you a graduate of booker t. washington?

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