Gustav is play NOOOOO games

30 08 2008

First the Gulf Coast nuisance started off as a tropical storm but gained intensity almost overnight as he started creeping closer to Cuba. Yahoo News is reporting that Gustav is inching closer to category 5 status. I am no meteorologist but I have been through some hurricanes and in my day…category 5 means you better pray your insurance will cover the damages and that you evacuated in enough time! 

New Orleans and other gulf coast cities expecting to be hit by Gustav later on this week have already started voluntary evacuations for the elderly, sick, and those without transportation. It is still unexpected if New Orleans will take a direct hit but we are all praying it doesn’t, seeing as we already know how the government responded last time with Katrina. 

Now it is expected to hit Texas. DAMN! So i am praying that it doesn’t hit my state too hard because lord knows people are still not finished fixing up their homes from Katrina and Rita. I pray that all who are evacuating have a safe trip.


My advice on evacuations:

  • BE PREPARED TO ADD ON 8-9+ hours to your trip time. It took us over 12 hours last time we evacuated for a trip that is usually no longer than 3 hours. 
  • Check your fluids, tire pressure, and all that good stuff. 
  • Bring water in case of your battery overheating and well for drinking duh!
  • If you have children, stock up on snacks that are re-sealable and easily accessible to them. Items like 100 Calorie snack packs are amazing. One.. you want to be able to focus on the road. Two.. you don’t want to have to stop every time your sibling or offspring wants to snack.
  • Bring heavy duty trash bags in case someone gets car sick and you don’t want it to seep through the bag. 
  • KEEP YOUR GAS TANK ON E. AT ALL TIMES. You never know how long your car will be idling. Always get gas when possible because you don’t know when you will be able to fill up again. 
  • When you reach your destination, call another family member or someone close to you to let them know your location and all your contact information.
  • Prepare for power outages. Constantly charge your cell phone in case of a power outage. Also buy a car charger! 
  • When the power goes out, do NOT constantly open your refrigerator or freezer. Only when necessary. It will keep the food cold as long as you don’t let the air out. Once food starts to get to room temperature, throw it out! You do NOT want food poisoning in a hurricane ravaged city. 
Now onto some key items:
  • Flashlights
  • Batteries
  • First Aid Kit
  • Rain Boots (high water) 
  • Lots of board games, movies, etc. 
  • Lots of food
  • Water
  • And a prayer
For the part of the world that doesn’t know what it is like to deal with hurricanes, they are no fun but they bring about many fun memories. You never know how strong you really are until you have gone through something like that. Although I am far away, I wish the Southeast Texas Red Cross the best of luck because you are a truly amazing chapter! Anything you need me to do from here, let me know! Pray for my family and all the other families that will be effected. (Did you know that another tropical storm, Hanna, will be on its way right after Gustav? grrr)

Photobucket (Courtesy of the National Hurricane Center)




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