Soulja Boy Didn’t Kill Rap…this girl did

27 08 2008

The song is called…It’s so cold in the D but its a cold day in hell when I ever listen or watch this video ever again. I mean I give everybody their props for trying to do their hustles but damn…..


It’s So Cold In the D– Click the title to watch the video on youtube. 

I died laughing at one of the comments-

“T-Baby keep doing ya thing. Don’t listen to the haters. Tighten up the lyrics and make this a ringtone. You could make a quarter million easy. Look at the number of views!!”

Um negative. Please go burn your ears off for believing that (directed @ whoever posted that comment!)


So Soulja Boy – go make another song..because you are Tupac compared to this chick.




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29 08 2008

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