Suicidal – Not just a song by Sean Kingston

12 08 2008

I usually don’t release poems on here but I hate rolling up on R.I.P Facebook groups. For one I hate to see people who take their lives. I wish that I had the power to hold them long enough for them to change their minds. I can’t fathom the pain that someone goes though, where it affects them enough to commit suicide. My thing is, it is happening to often and we need to start paying attention. 


This is my piece to be featured in The Poetics Noire: Volume I entitled Chicken and Collard Greens

Hung up on your face
Eyes look like clouds 
Even though you feel lower than the upper case
A Noah who is Arc-less
Surrounded by darkness
Thirsty in a time affected by a drought
Reminding of when you turned the lights out
Descending into madness
Said to be hell bound even though you are devout
Said I have evil inside 
Said I am a sinner bona fide
Words with no ears to grasp them
Solutions that you have collapsed in
Questions for God but no way to ask him
Forgiveness is no longer in the equation
This has to be done 
This is the only means
Everything ain’t chicken and collard greens
No comfort food
For my abort attitude
Save the animals
Save the trees
But who the hell came to save me
Like an asthmatic breathing through straws
Like the constitution with no by-laws
Chaos ensues
This steel table is cold and too many times been used
What has this world come to
When kids don’t have anyone to run to
Denial about the recession
Denial about depression
I wasn’t scared of no thunder
Until it came roaring down the end of a barrel
It was that or shoot up with a needle that wasn’t sterile
That I bought from a dude that looked like Lil’ Darryl
This is do or die
Just another teenage suicide
But I never lied
And you never tried
No officer to offer you a ticket for not seeing the signs
That I gave you so many times
Having people whisper my fate
And explain what God hates
As they offer their condolences to the bereaved
Talking about all that I could’ve achieved
Issues I was going through beyond their comprehension
But now you want to pay me some attention
After I am long gone 
I am the almighty sinner and all yours are withdrawn
Because of what I did to me
All I needed was someone to believe
Through the ups, downs, and in betweens
Too late and no need 
For your chicken and collard greens
No comfort food
For my abort attitude
This is the only way 
This is the only means
Everything ain’t chicken and collard greens

If you are or know anyone who shows signs of harming themselves or other please get help as soon as possible. 

This issue does not affect a particular ethnic group. It is colorblind and we need to do something about it. Prevention always starts EARLY. 



The National Suicide Prevention Hotline  (Hopeline open 24.7 -365 toll free:1-800-273-TALK (8255))

Para obtener asistencia en español durante las 24 horas, llame al 1-888-628-9454

SAVE – Suicide Awareness Voices of Education

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention


I won’t sugarcoat a damn thing. So believe me when I say life isn’t easy but if you think you have nobody…you just got somebody in your corner. There is hope and there is help!




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