Hip Hop is finally PREGNANT!!!!

9 08 2008

You know that Hip Hop has some illegitimate children who they refuse to claim because quite frankly..THEY SUCK! You guys already know who I am talking about! Yeah…thats right the wack rappers but finally Hip Hop conceived a true MC. Check the birth certificate:

Name: Theo

Race: Dope

D.O.B- Just in time to revive hip hop

Sex: He def CGI (could get it) 

Anyways, so I went to DC to BC which I frequent often for new music and info, they had the post on the new release by THEO! When someone says don’t sleep…trust…WAKE UP! (It also doesn’t hurt that he has some big ol’ juicy lips) Downloaded at Okayplayer nd have been banging this since! I can see why a lot of people would compare him to Lupe but thats whats wrong with this damn world. It sucks when LUPE is the only person that we can compare good MC’s to. My thing is don’t compare him to Lupe, he is Theo! Its funny how there are so many unoriginal, commercial rappers out there but when someone comes up who is original, we compare them to someone else is who is original. Like we aren’t happy that there is more than one original person in this world. Hmmm backwards I might say. Just my opinion so take it or leave it. Anyways back to the mixtape. 

I listened to the whole thing and even sent it out to some of my friends. We came to the conclusion that we could listen to the whole thing without skipping a track. Lyrically, dude is the business. I love how he reps his scholarly background. College graduate. Thats sexy! I don’t think he will go mainstream though. This is somewhat of a compliment. People don’t like change and it seems that the music scene is just like the modeling business. You know they always have that one ethnic go-to model. Right now there is no more spots open for a good MC. Its not Theo’s fault. It is ours, as consumers we make the rules on what sells. If we aren’t buying the good shit…then we will keep getting trash. Now put that in your oven’s and let it marinade. 

LMAO AT THE RANDOM FACTS…. I am known for spitting random facts so I might be the only one who appreciates good random facts  lol but my favorite was (#3) how starfish have no brains and its application to Spongebob Squarepants.

The whole thing is smooth and he doesn’t skimp on the lyrical innovation. He has substance and doesn’t just drop 3-pointer lines. I honestly don’t think I can pick a favorite song so I will just tell you the emotion that I got.

Theo Til Infinity- Jazz feel… smooth. 

iDream- felt like I was back on Ocean drive in an all white dress at an upscale party

Somethin for me- Chilling wit yo MAN!!!! (that i don’t have b.t.w)

High Life- Night on the town..before you get to the spot and u driving there getting pumped in the car

Creator- with a fave of my Santogold… feel like I’m styling on hoes

Grammy Family- Graduation Day… Middle fingers up

Keep doing your thing- Like nobody can stop ME! 🙂 On my Heath Ledger Joker tip!

Riding down the freeway- name say its for me!

Dillagence- Sitting in class bored wondering how I can take over the world

Light work- like a 1950’s pin-up girl housewife

Star struck- I was turned on….HEY JUST BEING HONEST

Hola oh Theo- Middle fingers up

T.V Show- addicted

Sweetest language- nice dinner with my boo!!! (that i don’t have)

Good morning America- F. the industry- TRUE STUFF ON THIS ONE

There’s Meaning- Feel good track

Hi- Funny 


anyways go download Theo’s- The Birth at Okayplayer to see for yourself. I wouldn’t steer you wrong!!!







5 responses

9 08 2008

lol only god knows why i’m up right now. but crucial breakdown of that theo album, man. it is pretty crucial isn’t it.

appreciate it. spread the good word! and keep on hitting up the blog…i’ll have some cool stuff in the near future.

9 08 2008

wow, really good insight.

Thank you for taking the time out to listen and review the music, whether it was good or bad. .you actually taking the time out means alot. . big thank you for the support dear.

lol @ ‘cgi’


9 08 2008
Young E el Boss Man

nice review

10 08 2008

bout to download it right now
seen a review on this mixtape somewhere else, they called it the best mixtape of the year…and i trust ur judgement anyways

11 08 2008

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