6 08 2008

Just in case you don’t know my philosophy on expectations.. here it is…

“Don’t put me on a pedestal because it gives me more room to fall and bust my ass!” 

Let that sit on your tongues and marinate…if you don’t get ….send me an anonymous email so I won’t clown you. iKID iKID but seriously… 

My non-profit’s INAUGURAL event is THIS SATURDAY!!! so don’t expect that much from Poetics Noire but I have a to-do list that I will try to get accomplished…..

  • Spotlight Marky….. (note to self…change name to Sheila asap)
  • Release the audio for Textual Relations on the site…. (note to readers…. its eargasmic)
  • Political Update 
  • College and U- How to go off to college and keep money in the bank
  • Give rundown on Y.E.S (Youth Empowerment and Stability) Workshop…..
  • Start preparing for the D.C Y.E.S I Can workshop and make readers pitch in! 🙂
  • Stop making such long to-do lists!



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