Eargasms- Textual Relations

6 08 2008

Well…I am tired of trying to figure out the hell to embed music directly in the post and WordPress is being lame so I just did the lil’ widget thingy that made me put it under the sidebar so you guys can use either the link below or the box thing on the right side of the page. (irritated now)

Textual Relations by Britany Elise Rickett
So I have undergone a technological ^grade. Just to create a little more buzz about the book…I wanted to include some audio from one of my favorite poems, Textual Relations. I do release my original poems that will be included in the book on my facebook but it is different to read something and actually hear it. 

About the background music: Never Can Say Goodbye by the late, great Zachary Breaux. He is one of the greatest jazz musicians and even better Dad to ever live and the 1/2 of the reason why my lifelong friend- Nina Breaux is on this earth! 🙂 R.I.P! 

My disclaimer**** I am an amateur so I work with whatever my MacBook gives me….(and H-town gives me a lot..hence this site!) Anyways, don’t critique the sound quality…critique the words!!!! lol! 

Random tidbit: Is it just me or is Rihanna’s video for Disturbia …AMAZING!!!! Can’t wait until I am putting out some stuff like that.




One response

3 11 2008

I enjoyed the concept behind “Textual Relations” and I especially love the fact that there is another Zachary Breaux fan here on wordpress. I feel like the world lost a saint when he passed away. Please pass along my humble condolences to his family if you can.

When you get the chance, stop by the blog space I created to honor the spoken word poets out there. The site can be found at eargasms.wordpress.com. Feel free to look around at my other site as well (robertdaylin.wordpress.com) to learn more about what I do.

Thanks for the poetry.

–Robert Daylin Brown

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