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6 08 2008

So I frequent and came across their post on Wants For Sale. Its some artists who paint things they want and price the painting at the price it costs to actually get that item. I.e If they wanted a video game that costs 59.99, they will charge you 59.99 for the painting. See thats some smarts right there. I wish I would’ve thought of that. 

Music to check out:

Midnight Juggernauts

Lady Gaga- 

George Young- (mixtape link provided in a previous post)

The Flobots- b.cuz I can my bike with no handlebars TOO!!



JAMGLUE.COM- don’t get my joint shut down either but for those who are on networks that block music ..check it! – its where I get all my fresh music from… i know i am the hottest ipod dj on Howard U’s campus.. I got my own radio station.. don’t sleep


Some other stuff to check out:

A BOOK FROM THE LIBRARY- read people! illiteracy isn’t attractive




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