6 08 2008

So I guess I started something when I answered an email a few weeks back but I thought this was too cute


A reader sent me an email asking what do I look for in a man….. 

Well I have little to no standards anymore. Period Point Blank…any other questions??


But seriously,

I have been through my artist phase, foreign phase, athlete phase, dj phase, skateboarder phase, thug phase, nerd phase….and I have come to this conclusion. 

I like someone who likes me! lol 

I guess I wasn’t lying about having no standards but seriously…if you can put up with me then I should at least be able to cut you some slack. 

This site isn’t meant for personal ads but if it was….. I would be looking for someone chill, content with life, has goals, and knows who they are. I don’t need you so don’t need me. Hang on your own two feet. Its that simple. 🙂  

For the ladies… (this is not to be taken “that” seriously)

Why to date them: 

Artists- They are so creative.

Foreigners- The accent and everything sounds so much better in a different language even stuff like fart and taco meat. 

Athletes- They compete for your heart but only the strong survive so be willing to work. 

DJ’s- They always know the right song to play.

Skateboarders- They aren’t afraid to get hurt. 

Thugs- They make you feel safe…real safe. 

Nerds- The know how to create perfect chemistry. (get it..chemistry…okay tough crowd)

So I hope I answered your question.




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