Solange Knowles- Why yall hating?

4 08 2008

No this is NOT biased because Solange is from Houston, Third Ward, or sharing some Creole blood down the way…… 


Thus said, why yall hating? WIth all the new outlets to get closer to the stars, people have become even bigger haters. I mean some of the comments that I have read in places are dead right WRONG. Disrespecting a her child, her family, her in general is a low blow that some of yall choose to take over and over again. That is so childish. If you don’t like music, don’t listen but to denounce her as a person….c’mon now! She is making music that she likes and obviously other people like it to. My thing is if yall know all the rules on being famous, why isn’t the story about you. The internet courage is better than liquid courage because yall come bold. Anyways I just wanted to do make some of the haters a little more heated by doing on post on her because I like her individuality. I don’t have to marry her so her personality really doesn’t matter to me. She sounds good in my speakers and thats ALL that matters. I don’t go to McDonald’s and get all up in your business. If my fries taste good then we are cool! Let her do her job and how about yall read a book. Remember that this is, a site paid for by ME meaning I can say and do as I please. Bourgeoisie glasses are on…. and I am ready to block the haters! 


Bay bay bay bay bay baby don’t you blow me away………. Get it solo! 






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