My thought of the day- Generalizations

4 08 2008

Hello to all of my cyber peeps,

 I am currently really busy working on the workshop that I am hosting for at-risk youth on the 9th so I will be M.I.A for a little while to ensure that I have everything perfect for my little kiddies! Big shout outs to all the universities, colleges, businesses, and donors that have helped make this event possible. Anyways now on to my thought of the day….generalizations. 

   Stereotypes are most times derived from a generalization such as all black people are like this, all mexicans are like that, and all white people are one in the same. However, I was thinking that what if we start holding people accountable for themselves rather than their race. For example, I was driving around the other day and I saw this fine brotha (Yeah, I was rubbernecking) being pulled over by the police. The first thought that popped up in my head was ” why oh why does this have to be a brotha? He is making the rest of us look bad!” But honestly, to say that is okay to think that every black person that gets pulled over further plagues the black image is an overstatement. How about I pay attention to the damn road and let the brotha handle his own business! Anyways I was just thinking that we should all work towards the betterment of a unified race- the human race and that we should let those few rotten apples be rotten apples. I always hear, “it is just like some n*ggas to do that” or “that is just like us”….HOLD UP..I don’t want to be included in that foolishness. So instead of bringing us all in your drama, blame your self and keep it moving. (For all those who like to start arguments, I am not talking about racial profiling or not fighting against racial injustices.) BUT, I am saying, if you want to be a fool, you take responsibility for it and don’t bring me nor anybody else in your foolishness. From now on its not going to be ” that (fill in the blank) messed it up for the rest of us”…it will be…. They messed it up from themselves. Try it!




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