New Artist Spotlight- Tre

31 07 2008





    When I used to roam the halls of West University Elementary, I would make stops to JMH sometimes before I went home. Oh how I remember the days! Well enough with the reminiscing! Speeding up to modern times, if you went into JMH recently you probably ran into Tre Folensbee or just call him the cook. Now he is cooking up rhymes to accompany the beats on his album. He isn’t even legally able to drink yet and he has already put out two lp’s, Unorthodox and One. Unorthodox is his latest release and features some of his favorite songs like The City, It’s Real, Be Somebody, Divorce, Let’s Go, and Sidewalk Talks. All of which were #1 to Tre at certain points in time but different emotions call for different songs. Thus said, an album like this can reach out to all of your feelings!


             So you want to know more about him – eh? The lowdown is that Tre got his start by submerging himself in hip-hop and trying to emulate what he heard. He says, “from there I just enjoyed the art of it, it became a part of me.” Hip-hop??? An art form?? Yeah well for those that didn’t know, it was created to uplift the people. KRS-ONE said it best in the song Better Than I’ve Ever Been with Kanye West, Nas, and Rakim,

“Instead of broadcasting how we smokin’ trees, on the radio we need to hear more local MC’s.

Where you at? Come on where you at? This is the difference between MC’ing and rap

Rappers spit rhymes that are mostly illegal, MC’s spit rhymes to uplift they people

Peace, love, unity, and Havin’ fun, these are the lyrics of KRS One”

Now with that said, don’t you want to hear more local MC’s? Don’t expect to hear the depthless rhymes about a lifestyle that Tre doesn’t lead. Its not about pleasing your affinity for a false image, its about making art. Some may know him as Rowland Wickes Folensbee III, Tre, and some may just call him that kid rapping but whatever you want to call him, just don’t call him a fake. You heard that from me. Hip-hop is a means of voicing your emotions, thoughts, and complaints and Tre accomplishes this with his music.

            Tre currently attends Belmont University and is constantly working on bettering his craft. He is working with some up and coming producers and starting on his next album. Visit his website for more information on appearances, music, and more. He also has a blog, that you can view by clicking here.  






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