Yall ain’t ready- Debut Solo Mixtape by George Young

29 07 2008



  Get used to being lonely, because the bottom is so crowded and with the release of We Talkin’ Bout Practice Volume I, Houston based artist George Young has nowhere to go but up. I wish he had pissed me off in high school so I could hate on him for this but he didn’t so I will just show love. Regardless of any bias that I may have, this dude here is the guns- the whole mixtape is heated! I compiled a list of my favorite tracks and they are #1-24.


            George Young as many of you may know him (look him up on Facebook) is the mastermind behind lyrics and production of We Talkin Bout Practice Volume I. Most of you may not know this but many mainstream cats don’t even write their own lyrics nor would even produce their tracks and George is doing this I.N.D.E.P.E.N.D.E.N.T- ly. We are constantly sold an image of what our culture should be like and we buy into that market even though we already have a culture. We have been trained to want to hear about the cars, the money, the clothes, the girls, the violence. Lets practice listening to something that uplifts the people rather than downgrading our intelligence. This release has been longtime coming


   “It took me so long [because] for a long time  I procrastinated. Some stuff happened and changed my perspective. I had to develop and soak in the do’s and don’t [that] I’ve witnessed in music as well. Add to that, I’m a perfectionist.”

Practing patience was hard on all of us but you don’t have to worry about perfection- it came without trying.


       There aren’t many places where you will get a lesson on black history, politics, the economy, the hood, the struggles, and family. You are getting this in a FREE mixtape- the debut solo mixtape of George Young. The boy is fluid and consistent. You won’t have to skip around and find a track that you like. You have upbeat tracks and then songs you can just chill to. There are no dances you have to learn or someone shouting out you to back your ass up. Familiar beats are intertwined with original production and also features other budding artists. Church and State is my favorite song on the whole album. Its so real and talks about issues of substance.  I must say that Stay Tuned  is another favorite of mine. It’s a hard beat and although I would put a parental advisory on this one, it is still done with tact. This is a message to all the haters and it needs to be said. However, as a female, I never felt degraded throughout the whole mixtape and that’s a rarity these days. Being that I am at Howard, I know all about that Nike Boots (shoutout to the DMV and Wale at www.elitaste.com). Not only did he tap into the Houston market, you will hear other regions represented.


 People say that they aren’t ready for a rapper with substance….


  • Someone who has a mind in the game….
  • Someone who went on to post-seondary education…
  • Someone real….
  • Someone not tainted by a marketing scheme…. 


But that’s coming from the same people who probably didn’t think a black man could run for President of the United States of America.


For all the haters,

“My words to the haters is to continue to do whatever they feel. If everybody loved everything, there would be no adversity and the world would be boring.”

 For more information on George Young hit me up at his myspace or via his website.

Click here for the free download of his debut solo mixtape- We Talkin’ Bout Practice Volume I

Don’t say we never gave you anything!


And remember…if you ain’t talking about practice, you ain’t talking about sh….






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