Happy Saturday everybody!!!

26 07 2008

I just wanted to wish everybody a Happy Saturday!!!!!!!! No particular reason, I just am blessed to have another day to celebrate with all of my http://www.com-friends. Go treat yourself to something/someone nice! 


Its time we get a little more happy and a little less stressed. Pick a day of the week and just celebrate ! It will de-stress you and give you something to look forward to each week. Let it be the day that you indulge in something like taking a quick break from your diet (but don’t overdo it), going to spa, just chilling, not getting on the computer (unless you are coming here), or just taking time out to do you!


We have all week to worry about the multitude of issues that plague us everyday. Pick your day to celebrate and put those issues to the wayside even if it is just for 5 minutes. Don’t buy gas, don’t worry about that credit card person calling you, just put it off until tomorrow and let this be your day. A second birthday if you will! 🙂 


HAPPY SATURDAY from me to you.




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