26 07 2008

I hear a lot of complaints about what wasn’t good about the mini-series or what they would personally have changed but I am not trying to go that route. Its a difference between being an agent of change and just saying you want to be an agent of change. 

If I could create a documentary right now about all of the good black men and women out there, I would do it in a heartbeat. But there lies the problem, would the viewers tune in for something good, something thats portrays us in a positive light, something that shows how normal we truly are. Yeah, I had some dislikes about the program but at the end of the day they will remain dislikes. I could have easily sent in multiple letters, emails, and calls saying what I would expect from a series like this…but I DIDN’T.  

If you want to see it, make it happen! Oh yeah it sucks that this is how life has to be but thats the cards we are dealt, so lets play the hand and win the gamble. We are so complacent in having a history of civil rights leaders and innovators that we just sit back and ride on their coat tails. Where are you new activists, new leaders, new innovators? By no means am I saying that we don’t have leaders now but we need MORE! 


YOU WANT A CNN  BLACK IN AMERICA THAT REPRESENTS YOU? Then do something about it other than sitting in front of the TV screen with a look of disgust. 

Our worth is far greater than we know and its about time we figure it out!




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26 07 2008
George Malik Abdul-Mahdi


You don’t know how much I was “down with the vibes” coming from your latest post. Whining is nothing more than wasted energy. I we would all just do SOMETHING positive, that accumulation of positive energy would move mountains.

Peace, and keep fighting the good fight.


27 07 2008

Miss Rickett, Miss Rickett,
You are 100% correct. So many people have written notes, formed groups, and are upset about things, yet none are working towards change. How can we expect anything different if all our time is poured into complaining how bad things are? Good job on this one.


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