Y.E.S. I Can

24 07 2008

  The reason that I have been off the radar for a while is that I have started a program called Y.E.S I Can. The Y.E.S. is an acronym for Youth Empowerment and Stability and I will be hosting my inaugural event on August 9th and my church, Johnson Memorial Missionary Baptist Church. I got to start at home! I have been working on this for some time now and am very excited that I can finally start to put all of the hard work to good use. I have been contacting so many traditional post secondary institutions as well as alternatives such as vocational schools and the armed forces; their response has been wonderful and I love receiving the packages full of information materials. The underlying theme of Y.E.S. I Can is to promote taking back our youth and reverting back to the doctrine of a community raising a child.

There will be four sessions which are:

   Getting in good with God: A lot of times we forget to make God’s word relatable to all generations and this session will provide empowerment spiritually. Many people don’t think they know how to pray or know where to look for guidance and it is imperative that we put back faith in the lives of those who don’t have a lot to put faith in. 

  Finances: I know what it is like to be in a single parent home living pay check to pay check. You can’t save money because it is so expensive to be poor. I won’t say that I was below the poverty line by any means but even being middle class in America is a struggle. By teaching smart spending and informing people on the options they have will help them in their current position. You can’t save a dollar if you can’t make a dollar. This session focuses on both making money and attaining wealth. 

  Healthy Eating: It isn’t a surprise that Black’s have a harder time dealing with their health. Culturally, our food is GOOD! (not always healthy but good) It is cheaper to eat foods that aren’t good for you. I don’t need a scientific study to tell me that. But if we can take that shopping trip and make it more healthier for the most modest budget, then we are doing something major. This sessions talks about taking control of your health by providing recipes that don’t require a stove and are healthy for you. So if the child is left at home, then they will be able to make a meal. We will also be stressing exercise that doesn’t take a lot of time and can be done anywhere at anytime. Every little bit helps when it comes to health. 

   Negative daily issues and dealing with them: This session talks about everything from internet bullying to going to bed hungry. We will “take out the trash” by writing down our problems and throwing them in the garbage. Some of these children have had to go through trials that some adults can’t even fathom and rarely can they find a positive outlet that allows them to get their problems out. 


There will also be a college mini-fair which will focus on not only traditional post-secondary education but the alternatives that are available. To be honest, college isn’t for everybody and everybody’s pocketbook but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any other options. By promoting vocational, trade, and technical schools we are still providing a source to increase the child’s earning potential. The armed forces will also will focused on. 

Other topics focused on are etiquette, talking to your parents, and understanding your culture.


With all that said, I hope that you can understand why I have been so busy. I must leave you all with something to marinate on…..

   If you already had something for free, would you let someone sell it to you in an altered state that affects you negatively? 

  Now to the break down,

  African American culture is just that- our culture. We have had it since we arrived here on slave ships. Now you have a so called, “black culture” being marketed to you through rap music, movies, and clothes by people who may not have the slightest connection to black America, yet we are still buying into this market. By no means am I saying that rap and all things being projected in the media are bad. I am saying that the Black dollar is crucial to the American economy and we should decipher what is truly our culture. Lets become smarter consumers and put our dollars in avenues that will end up benefitting us like businesses that offer scholarships to minorities, offer jobs to our community, and help provide us with resources that seem so limited. I refuse to buy someone’s third Maserati and not get anything out of the deal. But like I said…just put that in your ovens and let that marinate.




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