Why do I think Barack is doing so well across the pond?

24 07 2008

 Mccain is steady trying to attack Barack about foreign policy but he is being received so well overseas and I think that his lack of experience has to do a little something with that. He is dealing with developing countries who are learning just like he is. Obama stands for change; because he may not be as experienced, it means he doesn’t have to play by the conventional rules. I also want to point out that it may not be that Barack is not well versed in foreign policy per say. It is becoming more apparent that he is not well versed in “America has to bully everybody else” foreign policy. A lot of people are hurting throughout the world and the hope that he has instilled in Americans is being transferred to other countries. Unity isn’t just needing in American soil, the world is going through issues that affect all of us such as the global economy, global safety, and global health. I love how he shakes things up and knocks people off of their laurels. 

On a side note, while watching CNN, they are doing a topic on why McCain isn’t attracting his younger voters the same way that Barack is. Well quite frankly, Barack makes me feel like I am special. I feel like my vote finally counts for something and that I am voting for someone that stands for me. I am not trying to help the McCain campaign out but it would help if you would instill that in some of your people too. But hey this is just my website, my opinion, my voice….so take it how you want it!




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