Dr. Clive Callender

11 07 2008

I am watching CNN right now while Dr. Clive Callender, from Howard University Hospital, speaks on the American Medical Association and its apology to African American doctors because of the AMA’S discriminatory practices. The National Medical Association was founded in 1895 for physicians of African American descent to counter the practices of the AMA such as disenfranchisement and discrimination against African American physicians. This is a HUGE step for all races to fight for unity. Now we just need more minority doctors. PEOPLE WILL ALWAYS GET SICK, which means that there is job security in this field. Forget your hoops dreams and your rap star goals. Go to medical school!!!!!!!! 


That’s all. I just wanted to drop this tidbit of information because I love seeing the words HOWARD UNIVERSITY especially when it coincides with a positive message!




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