10 07 2008

Not much for today but I am just a little mad at the moment. 

PARENTS, TALK TO YOUR KIDS ABOUT SEX! They will get the information from somewhere and the best place is from you. You can shelter them all you want to but once they leave your sight, its a different story. Now kids are  thinking sex is just some fun little thing to do like going to the movies. Well if you want your child buying that ticket, be my guest but I am tired of the glorification of teen pregnancy. Its not cute or fashionable. Jamie Lynn can buy a new mommy to take care of her child while most cannot. Juno wasn’t real. Those damn Massachusetts girls have nuts loose and just piss me off thinking about it. All those real girls who are dealing with raising a child at a young age will co-sign on this, it isn’t easy and what you see on TV isn’t how the ballgame is played. I am proud of my decision on how to live my life and no its doesn’t have to be yours BUT my decision was molded by the values instilled in me. I’m not saying its the end of the world if you do get pregnant but I am saying that everyone has the right to a childhood. 

TV, Internet, Books, and School did not have intercourse to conceive your child, therefore, those things should not be responsible to raise your child. 

I don’t need any statistics to tell me what is going on today. I have seen it since middle school! You don’t need some large presentation or a skit, just talk so your child doesn’t have to go out and find the answers. It will bring you closer together and that information given from you will help shape your child’s decisions.


LETS TALK ABOUT SEX PARENTS! PENIS PENIS PENIS….VAGINA VAGINA VAGINA! It may be awkward but it won’t be more awkward than having to take your baby to deliver their baby at 14. It won’t be more difficult than having to bury your child from contracting HIV. It won’t be more costly than the medicines needed to treat and STD because you child “didn’t know”. Balls in your court now. 

Some resources for you:

Sex, Etc. Sex education for teens, by teens!

Being Girl 





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