Update on Victoria’s Secret

8 07 2008

    A lot of people can brag about frivolous thing but how many can say that they actually have been an agent for change. Amelia Reid, a rising sophomore at Howard University can do just that along with the many other letter writers from a plethora of universities. Because of the letter writing campaign that she established, the Chief Operating Officer of Victoria’s Secret, Richard Dent III, has responded. Not only is this man the Senior Vice President of Victoria’s Secret, he is a graduate of Florida A&M University! Go FAMU! You never know when you will need someone or where you education can take you, so treat everyone with respect. Also, if you see something in society that is unjust, you as a human being have the right to speak about it. To all of the people who sent letters, THANK YOU! I will post some of the letters here. 

My name is Naya S, a rising sophomore at Howard University, located in Washington DC. I am writing because I have been made aware of a new college line of Pink clothing. I was sad to see that my school was not one of the schools listed and became even more sad to see that there wasn’t a single HBCU on the list. I understand that there are processes that have to take place before a company can put out a line of college clothing, but to my knowledge, Howard has not been given the opportunity to turn down a request like this. I could also understand my school not being on the list if there was not enough consumer support, but Howard women happen to be fans of Victoria’s Secret, and Howard University has an extremely large community that consists of parents and friends and people who just love Howard’s purpose. Hopefully some changes could be made to this line to feature some other big name schools, like Howard. 

Thank You,

Naya S

My name is Ammina Reed, and I am an incoming freshman to Howard. I’m a little bit upset that Howard University isn’t represented in your newest collection of your collegiate apparel. Howard is located in the nation’s capital, and is one of the top black colleges in the country. Even though Howard isn’t an ivy-league school, and may not have the financial resources that a school such as Florida State or Harvard does, the school is well known in the African American community and produces some of the brightest graduates. I, myself am a constant consumer at Victoria’s Secret, and I’ve just participated in their annual sale. There are just as many women who will purchase items from VS at Howard, as there are at Harvard. In fact there may be MORE women purchasing items from VS at Howard, since we are located in the nation’s capital, rather than, say University of Oregon or University of Wisconsin. I hope that you consider Howard University in your collection.

Ammina Reed

and finally, this one is my letter…..I PLAY NO GAMES!!!!


My name is Britany Elise Rickett and I am a sophomore at Howard University. It has been brought to my attention that over 30 schools are currently being represented by your sub-line, Pink. As a student who is matriculating at a Historically Black Institution, I am baffled as to why none have been represented. There is a market of women who will buy HBCU apparel and also spend more money in your stores because you are catering to them. As a former employee, I am disgusted that a company would make such an oversight when a large portion of your revenues come from the African-American community. If our dollars mean nothing to you, we can take them elsewhere. A boycott of your company would not only damage your reputation but also be a financial loss. If you have not already started negotiating licensing with any Historically Black College and Universities, I suggest you start promptly. Thank you. 

Britany Elise Rickett

I appreciate the those who helped with this issue and I also appreciate Victoria’s Secret for responding. I will keep my fingers crossed that they will actually do something on this issue but at least step one has been accomplished. 

We have come, we have seen, and we will conquer! They know who we are and they will NOT forget it! Trust!




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