I can’t get a J.O.B but I have a nice Facebook!! Digital Dirt 101

8 07 2008

  I was recently reading an article on Aol Jobs about work recruitment and its relationship to social networking sites. Being that I am at a place in my life where I need to start looking for not just a job but a career, it is important that I start grooming myself for a career. So lets get straight to business. 

Do you have Digital Dirt? 

Digital dirt is anything that is widely available on the internet that would jeopardize your chances at getting a job. Employers know the deal. Your pristine resume, recently pressed suit, and correct answers may not always be who you really are. So how do they find out? – Just google your name. 

83% of recruiters look for digital dirt. 

Aol Job Article

Your facebook and myspace may be on point with pictures of you in the club and everybody knows those certain pictures that people laugh at….but your recruiter won’t be laughing. You don’t have to compromise yourself, but do make sure how you are representing who you truly are. A lot of people use these vehicles as a means of creating a life that is glam and fabulous but it isn’t real. I have them and love them. I don’t swear by them but it keeps me connected to my friends because I rarely have time to spend with them like I would have liked especially on breaks or my friends who have moved. 

Theresa Caldwell gave me some on point advice for after she visited one of my classes. She basically said, use your networking site to be an agent of change and to control your image. Employers are looking at your site for their job so why not promote yourself beyond your resume. Let it be your virtual resume. 

My tips at cleaning up your web image:

  • Search for name on any search engine, visit the site and then make sure it is good material. If not- DELETE! 
  • Go through your pictures on your Facebook, Myspace, etc. Check the captions and the content of the pictures. They have options to change who is able to see them so that way you don’t have to delete all your pics. I know I usually save pics to the site so that it won’t take space on my computer but I just change the settings or you can use a site like www.photobucket.com
  • Change your privacy settings so that your profile is only viewable by friends. 
  • Ask your friends who posts and tag pictures of you to check the content. Remove the tag if you don’t like the picture. 
  • Watch what you write on message boards, etc. 
Don’t lose that career of a lifetime because of some Digital Dirt! You have successfully graduated from Digital Dirt 101 . Now go wash up! 



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