Made me mad: Victoria Secret hates Black people….

6 07 2008

To my lovely HBCU ladies, 

I was bringing out the inner Kanye West but Vicky has a little secret….and it starts with Pink! Being at Howard, I am surrounded by a large quantity of strong-minded people who strive to change inequality in every facet of life. Being a former Victoria’s Secret employee who quit because of the management staff and how they treated people, I will try not to make this too biased. 

Amelia Reid is a classmate of mine and has taken it upon herself to make sure that VS has a piece of her mind. This is what her Facebook group reads :

Like most girls at HBCU’s I am very into fashion and love shopping. At the top of my list is Victoria’s Secrets Where I spend A LOT OF MY MONEY !!!!. When looking through a magazine I saw a column about a new hoodie that was must have. When going to there is a section that has specially designed apparel and accessories for colleges like Penn State, University Miami. etc. After looking at about 6 different schools I noticed they did not have ONE HBCU. Going to a school like Howard where the yard is our runaway I find it hard to believe they don’t have at least one. It’s 2008 and yea are still underrepresented in the fashion industry. So decided to write them a suggestion. (They did respond to me)
—–Original Message—–
My name is Amelia Reid. I am a rising sophomore at Howard University
located in Washington DC. Like many girls at Howard I am a huge
customer, fan of Victoria’s Secret. Not only that I am a employee of the
Limited Brands Company. I’ve noticed that you have on your
website a collection of clothing from some great schools. Look at these
school it got me thinking there are no traditional HBCUs as schools to
select from. Being a Howard girl I know from on hand experience the
girls here wear Vicky Pink ALL THE TIME. So I am suggesting adding
Howard University to that selection of schools. Howard is noted being
the second most fashionable school in America (It follows NYU) I hope
you consider the thought !

Dear Amelia,
Thank you for your e-mail regarding our Victoria’s Secret PINK Collegiate Collection. We are pleased to assist you with your inquiry.
The Victoria’s Secret PINK Collegiate Collection was introduced with a variety of products in conjunction with about 30 schools as a result of our new, exclusive collegiate licensing partnerships. We are enthusiastic about the program which continues to be a work in progress. In fact, we are still in the process of finalizing agreements with a number of other colleges and universities. While we are not in a position to discuss which partnerships we will be announcing next, we are excited about the potential opportunities that lie ahead.
Customer feedback is always welcomed and appreciated. Victoria’s Secret values its reputation and we continually strive for excellence in both our merchandise and our customer experience. Your opinion matters to us and will be part of the ongoing assessment of our future offerings.
To view our current Victoria’s Secret PINK collegiate collection, please click on the link below or ‘copy and paste’ the URL into the address line of your browser.

If you need further assistance, please reply to this e-mail or call anytime.

Amelia, we thank you for your interest in Victoria’s Secret. We hope you enjoy our products and look forward to serving you in the future.

Angela J. Customer Service

Phone 1.800.475.1935 or (outside the U.S.) 1.937.438.4197
Fax 1.937.438.4290.

Now yall know damn well, this is some b.s. She basically disregarded the question completely. Customer feedback is nice??? She wasn’t commenting on panties. Hell, if a woman can sue for a defective thong…somebody can at least make an HBCU hoodie. Anyways, please help Amelia with her letter writing campaign. I understand economics and the law of supply and demand but I also know that a lot of women do go to and graduate from HBCU’s. There is no reason as to why they aren’t represented. I am sure that if there is a market for crotchless panties…then there is a market for an HBCU hoodie. C’mon now 30 schools and not one of them is black??? I am not trying to be Al Sharpton but as a customer and former employee, I wish to be represented too. 

If you would like to join the letter writing campaign please send emails to

Phone 1.800.475.1935 or (outside the U.S.) 1.937.438.4197
Fax 1.937.438.4290.

I will be emailing shortly. Graduated or not, this is something that should be done. A lot of stores usually have one HBCU or none at all. Let’s see if we could change that.




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9 07 2008

“I am sure that if there is a market for crotchless panties…then there is a market for an HBCU hoodie”..LOL. Funny but true.

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