Freshman Focus

5 07 2008

I am currently asking some friends and associates to give their word to the new freshman class at Howard. I will be updating this post frequently so check back for advice and things to look forward to. 


For the incoming class of 2012 the Howard University Student Association (HUSA) plans to play an integral role through communication, programming and activities that focus on our community, advocacy, sustainability and the future of this university. 

-Nicholas Owen,

48th President Howard University Student Association, former John H. Johnson School of Communications President, Campus Pal, and a host of other organizations. Class of 2009

PhotobucketMy freshman year at Howard was similar to Simba in the Lion King. I mean I started off hype and very excited because I knew I had a lot to accomplish, but being the youngin’ I was, I didn’t know what exactly it took to do those things. I had a girlfriend and once we started having problems, I ran just like Simba from my priorities, my friends, school, and family. Finally, my girlfriend and I broke up and it was as if Rafiki hit me in the head. I just knew what I was supposed to do! I stopped skating and decided to take control of my education, started speaking to people, got to know the faculty, and just immersed myself in the opportunities HU had to off me. After doing these things consistently, it became natural and I stepped into place in charge, and focused with a positive mindset. I took my throne as the king of my destiny, my school, my jungle. LOL! Freshman year was a rollercoaster- excitement- sadness- new friends- many opportunities. I began a little standoffish and just went through the motions of class and parties but over time I found that involvement at HU felt so much better. The parties got old but the people have not. They became family.

Ojirese Momoh

Member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. , DMV Club, African Student Association, HUSA, and runway model in HU fashion shows. Class of 2010


Coming to Howard for me was like watching a flower grow, i can honestly say i blossemed, hopefully into the Woman that i am suppossed to be. People say that you loose a lot of things when you get to college, your faith, and your virginity. But those are the two things that ive kept hold of at Howard, because at Howard your faith is nurtured, you’re going to go through a lot and only God can give you the strength to continue. Without Howard i don’t think that i would have chosen the career path that i am about to embark on, i don’t think i would have the connections that i have now. I went to the store once with a Howard University t-shirt on, and this lady stopped me and said “fellow Bison lady” and she gave me her card, come to find out she gives internships for pre-law students. So i’ve been trememdously blessed for Howard to have chosen me. The history is enriching and the legacy of Howard rings far beyond these shores. 

M. Daya Bean 
Junior History Major 
Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity Incorporated, Alpha Tau Chapter, Howard University Mock Trial Team, Charles Hamilton Houston Pre-Law Society & NAACP




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