Howard University: After my parents leave….

4 07 2008

Freshman Week is bomb! All of the students helping with move-in will be there and the DJ will be out. You will think you were in School Daze/ A Different World for a minute. Keep in mind the students assist you with move-in. They don’t do it for you. So all that junk that you brought, is going to come back to haunt you. Prior to this, make sure you know where to park because space is limited. Set up your room and chill. Meet your floor mates and your RA! Everybody will be nice at this point but true colors will start coming out around Thanksgiving to Christmas break. Its a natural process so don’t be too down on that. 

Campus Pals– I know people have their certain opinions on Pals but my mother and I absolutely loved my pal- Anton! He was sweet and actually was there for me. My mom made sure I got his number and made sure that he would watch out for me. Other pals I met were pretty cool too. Just like people, you won’t like everyone so don’t expect the impossible. They are human. I believe that you should receive a letter in the summer but because of the large amount of students and administration..sometimes this isn’t possible! They provide plenty of events for you to attend and mix and mingle. You purchase a Pal Pack in full or you can just pay for the events that you want to attend. They will throw parties and honestly, I am not one to be paying an arm and a leg for a club but some of them were fun. Get there EARLY and you could possibly get in. If thats not your scene, then do you. Remember that a hello goes both ways. 

In the morning you will go to the orientation classes, yes they are early but they do offer good information. At night you will have your events and parties. This is a time for you to mix and mingle. Don’t expect for it to just happen, put yourself out there. If you are shy, then at least look approachable. I am from the South so I am used to speaking to everyone. However, not everyone is so friendly, so don’t think that you will receive a warm welcome from every single person. 

This is your time to have Howard all to your self with your class. Use it to your advantage. I don’t want to go to into detail because you need to shape your own opinion but believe me it is fun. 

Dorm Life-  Make sure you attend your dorm meetings. Your floor is like your family if you like them or not. Communal dorms are not that bad just remember to clean up after yourself. Fights will happen. You put a bunch of different people from different places into close quarters but remember to try and act like an adult. The only person you are responsible for is you. 

Nightlife– Clubs, Parties, House Parties, etc. There is everything to do. Just be careful because people will always be watching you. Use common sense and you will be cool. Use the multiple buddy system at all times. If you get to the club late or don’t have the hookup, expect to pay a pretty penny. 

Relationships– Focus on school. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you will find Mr./Mrs. Right as soon as you set foot on campus. It can happen but most doesn’t. It is easy to say that the boys are horrible and disrespectful but then again if you as a female are not respecting yourself or holding the opposite sex accountable, they will continue to act the way they do. Just because you are away from school doesn’t mean you have the right to be a ho. Period. Point. Blank.  I keep it real and thats for the males and females. There is too much at stake for one bad choice. You are all young adults, so act accordingly. People will change and that is to be expected so use your head. You don’t have to be a saint but don’t be ashamed if you tarnish your reputation. 

Drinking- You don’t have to drink but if you want to- be smart. Your mommies and daddies aren’t here to look after you so whatever you do is your responsibility. Alcohol poisoning is NO JOKE.  Know your limits and set them before you leave. If you party with me, you better handle yourself! 🙂 Its not cute to be leaving your dorm room on a stretcher and you can die. Don’t think about the excuse, “but I was sheltered”.  So was I, you are a young adult now. Be responsible. 

Fashion– Just do you. If you look busted then you just look busted. If you can dress then good for you! Yes, Howard is fashion savvy but there is always someone trying out-do you. Howard is comprised of that top notch chick from every school and that dude that every guy wanted to be. You put all of them in a room and hey… you get Howard! Its nothing to stress over. Again, just do you. 

Email– You won’t get that till much much later and stop trippin’. You know the only reason you want to join the Facebook network! LOL. No, but seriously, you can check in the directory online to see if your email address is up but most likely you will have it after you move in. 

Homecoming- What can I say about Homecoming other then…you will just need to see for yourself. People spend lots of money and they still look torn. lol But on a serious note, its a fun time and if you handle yourself, you will have nothing to worry about.

Organizations- Howard is full of organizations. Make sure you join your state club, major club, and organizations that you wanted to know more about. There is everything here and it is also how you get RSVP points. You meet a lot of people this way. I know a bunch were thinking it but were afraid to ask, but no you can’t join a BGLO as a freshman. 

A lot of people will tell you what THEY got out of Howard, but it won’t always be YOUR experience. Just come in August and embrace it. Ask questions and be open minded. This is a learning experience and I can’t even begin to tell you all the fun I have had. I have had my heart broken, been in a lot of trouble, slept through class, ran around the monuments at 3 am, and met some amazing people. I wouldn’t trade MY experience for a damn thing. Now its your turn so make it your kind of fun. 


Look forward to Homecoming, the Luau, BBQ, Freshman Week, Latex, Haunted Hilltop, Resfest, Bison Ball, Howard Hampton Cabaret, House Parties, All-nighters in UGL ….. 


Lastly- Howard vernacular is a word gumbo of all the regions of the world represented here. You will go home and your friends will try to be like you and emulate your expansive vocabulary that seems so “fresh”. Your white friends will think you are very cultured and your black friends might think that you have gotten a little ” boughy” but nonetheless, you are at Howard. (I kid, i kid)

Student Affairs/Campus Life

New Student Orientation- Howard 101

Coming Soon- The Howard Freshman Focus: Quotes and advice from upperclassmen on how to survive freshman year!




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