Nouveau obsession or Old School of Thought: Oil

2 07 2008

Its humorous to see the news depict the US obsession with oil like it just came out of the blue. At the High School for Engineering Professions, located on the campus of Booker T. Washington High School, it is almost like a rite of passage to go to Galveston to visit the oil rig. Being that I was a self proclaimed future petroleum engineer, I paid close attention to the tour. You would never know how many items that we use daily that are made from petroleum or its bi-products like deodorant, petroleum jelly, plastics, compact discs, tooth brushes, and a host of other things. Without oil, the US probably wouldn’t be the super power that it is. One of the engineers who was guiding my tour explained how lucrative the oil business is and what is means to the US. If we use up every other countries oil until their supply is limited, they will have to come to the US for our oil. Yes, crazy I know…the US has oil and doesn’t use it. Don’t act like you don’t know. Why do you think we got Alaska? Anyways, I was watching TV with my Papa when I got this epiphany, well not so much an epiphany…but you catch my drift. The Beverly Hillbillies came on and I was like wait, this show is old- It came out in 1962 to be exact. So I came to the conclusion that there were probably other movies and shows made before the Beverly Hillbillies that just aren’t in syndication anymore but you can still see shows and movies with a wealthy person who happens to be an oil tycoon. This notion is like the same idea of sports and rapping/singing for the little child from the hood as a means of escape to the upper echelons of society. Why doesn’t America want to go green? Because there is still money to be made and lots of it. I am not saying the people who live in America don’t want to go green but lets think back to Hurricane Katrina when the government was so lax about doing anything. Politics is a game about helping yourself and if there is nothing in it for you…then there is NO point! I didn’t have to learn that in a book either, I just had to watch how the government reacts to different situations. I am not saying that oil is bad, I am just saying that this whole game isn’t new. We don’t say non-renewable resource for no reason. People know exactly what is going on and they choose not to do anything about it. I just hope that it isn’t too late. 




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