New Artist Spotlight- Tre

31 07 2008





    When I used to roam the halls of West University Elementary, I would make stops to JMH sometimes before I went home. Oh how I remember the days! Well enough with the reminiscing! Speeding up to modern times, if you went into JMH recently you probably ran into Tre Folensbee or just call him the cook. Now he is cooking up rhymes to accompany the beats on his album. He isn’t even legally able to drink yet and he has already put out two lp’s, Unorthodox and One. Unorthodox is his latest release and features some of his favorite songs like The City, It’s Real, Be Somebody, Divorce, Let’s Go, and Sidewalk Talks. All of which were #1 to Tre at certain points in time but different emotions call for different songs. Thus said, an album like this can reach out to all of your feelings!


             So you want to know more about him – eh? The lowdown is that Tre got his start by submerging himself in hip-hop and trying to emulate what he heard. He says, “from there I just enjoyed the art of it, it became a part of me.” Hip-hop??? An art form?? Yeah well for those that didn’t know, it was created to uplift the people. KRS-ONE said it best in the song Better Than I’ve Ever Been with Kanye West, Nas, and Rakim,

“Instead of broadcasting how we smokin’ trees, on the radio we need to hear more local MC’s.

Where you at? Come on where you at? This is the difference between MC’ing and rap

Rappers spit rhymes that are mostly illegal, MC’s spit rhymes to uplift they people

Peace, love, unity, and Havin’ fun, these are the lyrics of KRS One”

Now with that said, don’t you want to hear more local MC’s? Don’t expect to hear the depthless rhymes about a lifestyle that Tre doesn’t lead. Its not about pleasing your affinity for a false image, its about making art. Some may know him as Rowland Wickes Folensbee III, Tre, and some may just call him that kid rapping but whatever you want to call him, just don’t call him a fake. You heard that from me. Hip-hop is a means of voicing your emotions, thoughts, and complaints and Tre accomplishes this with his music.

            Tre currently attends Belmont University and is constantly working on bettering his craft. He is working with some up and coming producers and starting on his next album. Visit his website for more information on appearances, music, and more. He also has a blog, that you can view by clicking here.  




Yall ain’t ready- Debut Solo Mixtape by George Young

29 07 2008



  Get used to being lonely, because the bottom is so crowded and with the release of We Talkin’ Bout Practice Volume I, Houston based artist George Young has nowhere to go but up. I wish he had pissed me off in high school so I could hate on him for this but he didn’t so I will just show love. Regardless of any bias that I may have, this dude here is the guns- the whole mixtape is heated! I compiled a list of my favorite tracks and they are #1-24.


            George Young as many of you may know him (look him up on Facebook) is the mastermind behind lyrics and production of We Talkin Bout Practice Volume I. Most of you may not know this but many mainstream cats don’t even write their own lyrics nor would even produce their tracks and George is doing this I.N.D.E.P.E.N.D.E.N.T- ly. We are constantly sold an image of what our culture should be like and we buy into that market even though we already have a culture. We have been trained to want to hear about the cars, the money, the clothes, the girls, the violence. Lets practice listening to something that uplifts the people rather than downgrading our intelligence. This release has been longtime coming


   “It took me so long [because] for a long time  I procrastinated. Some stuff happened and changed my perspective. I had to develop and soak in the do’s and don’t [that] I’ve witnessed in music as well. Add to that, I’m a perfectionist.”

Practing patience was hard on all of us but you don’t have to worry about perfection- it came without trying.


       There aren’t many places where you will get a lesson on black history, politics, the economy, the hood, the struggles, and family. You are getting this in a FREE mixtape- the debut solo mixtape of George Young. The boy is fluid and consistent. You won’t have to skip around and find a track that you like. You have upbeat tracks and then songs you can just chill to. There are no dances you have to learn or someone shouting out you to back your ass up. Familiar beats are intertwined with original production and also features other budding artists. Church and State is my favorite song on the whole album. Its so real and talks about issues of substance.  I must say that Stay Tuned  is another favorite of mine. It’s a hard beat and although I would put a parental advisory on this one, it is still done with tact. This is a message to all the haters and it needs to be said. However, as a female, I never felt degraded throughout the whole mixtape and that’s a rarity these days. Being that I am at Howard, I know all about that Nike Boots (shoutout to the DMV and Wale at Not only did he tap into the Houston market, you will hear other regions represented.


 People say that they aren’t ready for a rapper with substance….


  • Someone who has a mind in the game….
  • Someone who went on to post-seondary education…
  • Someone real….
  • Someone not tainted by a marketing scheme…. 


But that’s coming from the same people who probably didn’t think a black man could run for President of the United States of America.


For all the haters,

“My words to the haters is to continue to do whatever they feel. If everybody loved everything, there would be no adversity and the world would be boring.”

 For more information on George Young hit me up at his myspace or via his website.

Click here for the free download of his debut solo mixtape- We Talkin’ Bout Practice Volume I

Don’t say we never gave you anything!


And remember…if you ain’t talking about practice, you ain’t talking about sh….



Updates coming soon

28 07 2008

I am super super busy working on my workshop with Y.E.S I Can but I haven’t forgotten about yall. I am working on some album reviews including Tre Folensbee and George Young as well as other social commentary. STAY TUNED PEEPS!


26 07 2008

I hear a lot of complaints about what wasn’t good about the mini-series or what they would personally have changed but I am not trying to go that route. Its a difference between being an agent of change and just saying you want to be an agent of change. 

If I could create a documentary right now about all of the good black men and women out there, I would do it in a heartbeat. But there lies the problem, would the viewers tune in for something good, something thats portrays us in a positive light, something that shows how normal we truly are. Yeah, I had some dislikes about the program but at the end of the day they will remain dislikes. I could have easily sent in multiple letters, emails, and calls saying what I would expect from a series like this…but I DIDN’T.  

If you want to see it, make it happen! Oh yeah it sucks that this is how life has to be but thats the cards we are dealt, so lets play the hand and win the gamble. We are so complacent in having a history of civil rights leaders and innovators that we just sit back and ride on their coat tails. Where are you new activists, new leaders, new innovators? By no means am I saying that we don’t have leaders now but we need MORE! 


YOU WANT A CNN  BLACK IN AMERICA THAT REPRESENTS YOU? Then do something about it other than sitting in front of the TV screen with a look of disgust. 

Our worth is far greater than we know and its about time we figure it out!

Happy Saturday everybody!!!

26 07 2008

I just wanted to wish everybody a Happy Saturday!!!!!!!! No particular reason, I just am blessed to have another day to celebrate with all of my Go treat yourself to something/someone nice! 


Its time we get a little more happy and a little less stressed. Pick a day of the week and just celebrate ! It will de-stress you and give you something to look forward to each week. Let it be the day that you indulge in something like taking a quick break from your diet (but don’t overdo it), going to spa, just chilling, not getting on the computer (unless you are coming here), or just taking time out to do you!


We have all week to worry about the multitude of issues that plague us everyday. Pick your day to celebrate and put those issues to the wayside even if it is just for 5 minutes. Don’t buy gas, don’t worry about that credit card person calling you, just put it off until tomorrow and let this be your day. A second birthday if you will! 🙂 


HAPPY SATURDAY from me to you.

Poetics Noire Family Update- Tarek Al-Hariri

26 07 2008

I just wanted to give everyone some good news from one of the featured poets in the upcoming poetry anthology, The Poetics Noire: Volume I. 

 Tarek who attends George Washington University in the District (Washington D.C) is the Editor in Chief of The Rome Review. I just want to wish him all the success in school and beyond. You can visit the site which is beautiful (but under construction) I might add, at The Rome Review. So go check him out as well as the other sites in the blogroll.

Young, Black, and… Entrepreneur???

25 07 2008

I just wanted to give my brother from another mother, Michael “Red” Colbert mad props on the start of his business, Red Klothing. It is imperative that I shed light on successful minorities to help balance out all of the negativity that you see in the media. If you have you own business to be featured, hit me up with an email @ with some information and try to include a picture if you can. However, for the first installment I would like to promote none of than my family- Michael Colbert and Red Klothing. You have haute couture, not couture, provocateur (hey it rhymed) but this is custom couture!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

   For those familiar with the color spectrum, you know that the frontrunner is the color Red. This order of importance still remains true with Red Klothing, the brainchild of Michael “Red” Colbert. Red Klothing was started in December of 2007 as an answer to the mundane options that are available in so called “fine apparel” these days. This brand boasts the motto, Fashion is Freedom and it does hold true to that. You can’t express yourself freely is everybody is rocking that same outfit or you can’t even afford it. This is where Red Klothing separates itself from the other labels out there. Michael was recently quoted in a recent interview about his brand saying, “I wanted to provide a way for people that didn’t have the money to get the expensive name brands and still be fresh to death when he/she steps out.” While always having the customer in mind, you can truly be original in every facet of your wardrobe with customizations ranging from color schemes, designs, and phrases. You can rest assured that you will have a one of a kind piece unless you do a group order. With all this creativity in one mind, you can only guess that the inspiration behind it is from various avenues such as Jay-Z, Ralph Lauren, 70’s and early 80’s era, as well as just living life. Mike has been known for gaining ideas from quotes, sayings, slang, poems, and music. With a fusion of art, music, and graffiti, Red Klothing puts the fashion designing in the customer’s hands further promoting Fashion is Freedom. So whenever you see the Red Robot do not think that you are receiving a square piece of regular apparel, you are being honored with the presence of a one of a kind piece of abstract art that you can wear! Red Klothing is unconventional and doesn’t play by the rules and by doing this you will soon see Red Klothing turn itself into a major label to be reckoned with.


Red Klothing on fashion:

  • To be fashion savvy you must have your own style and swagger. You can’t get this off a TV screen.
  • Your sneakers can make or break your outfit.
  • Your outfit should be fluid. Meaning it should flow. If it doesn’t match in style (we aren’t just talking about colors here), then please don’t step out of your house.
  • Please retire rhinestone name belts. It’s a no go.

Red Klothing on dealing with the haters:

·      The only reason they hate on you is because they lack the -ISM. They have no drive or self-determination so they always seem to fall by the wayside. They’re just the barnacles on the yacht. But I’m not complaining everybody who is SOMEBODY has haters.


For more information, please visit Red Klothing on our myspace at For more information or to place an order, you can contact Red Klothing via email at or by phone at 713-922-7190. We do business no matter the location and there is free shipping on all orders over $50.00. If you stand for something, you fall for anything but with a label that stands to supply the world with creativity through fashion and works, the only thing you can fall for is fly clothes.


Here are some samples of Red Klothing:

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting