Hot New Music: Stefani Vara

27 06 2008

This is a prime example of how you never should burn bridges and always network! When I moved back to Houston, I attended West University Elementary School where I met Tre Folensbee. With all the networking sites, we added each other as friends on Facebook and I must admit that dude is doing his thing. He invited me to a group about Stefani Vara and I just listened to her song on myspace called Water. You don’t have to know the chemical composition of water (its H20 by the way) or know Chemistry to realize that her voice has perfect chemistry with this beat. I immediately got an idea for the perfect video treatment which means that the song produces imagery. (You know I am a film pro major so that stuff matters to me lol) Her voice is very airy and the song is almost ethereal. Water is smooth and so is this song. This is not a bubble gum pop by any means but it makes you feel good. I guess that is why the nutritionists say to drink 8 glasses of water a day. Along with your diet regimen of water, add a daily dose Stefani Vara to your music intake. 

You can visit her myspace by clicking here. 

Thanks Tre!

Look out for the review of Tre Folensbee coming up shortly!!!!




One response

28 06 2008

oh this is great. thanks for the amazing review for her

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