Why Barack? Lengthy I must say!

26 06 2008

Have people ever wondered why they are actually voting the way they are? 

Picture courtesy of the USATODAY.com slideshow.
He likes real hot sauce and eats Gumbo just like me….
He is on Rolling Stones…

He is young and “hip”

John McCain is old.

Barack plays basketball just like ME.

Michelle Obama is just one of the girls! 

I am black and so is Barack! –NO

I was reading comments on the Beaumont Enterprise blog that was talking about race relations and this one racially charged message was saying that Barack is technically NOT black and why isn’t his white side being embraced as well. What makes Barack blacker when he is mixed? Another issue expressed on the blog was that blacks will vote black because we want freebies and a black person is more inclined to help Black America. 

In regards to the first message. Barack is in fact black because of the doctrine that has been historically embraced in America that if you have one drop, you are black. My mother is from Gydnia, Poland. I am not Polish or multi-racial. I am black. Can I play any side of the race card? NO! Can Barack? NO! He already has to be Anglicized because he is different. He gets labeled trying to act white (Nader) and that he is so uptight but if he isn’t always in a suit and prim and proper he will be that radical black man who wants to take over America. He will be labeled a threat. Another reason that I am glad to have read The Assasination the Black Male Image is because it gave the historical perception of black men. He is labeled a savage, a beast, not tame, and a threat. Its like okay people make up your minds. Do you want him to be cool and then talk about how Barack might be a threat or do you want someone who is prim and proper? You can’t have it all and I think that Barack knows this.

Then back to the race argument? Why can’t we say Barack is white? Because you just can’t! I don’t make the rules but I do have to abide by them and sometimes face the consequences even for abiding by then. Barack is not trying to appeal to “white guilt”. He is trying to appeal to people. Period. Point. Blank!

Now onto another issue. Blacks wants FREEBIES? I love coupons and gifts. Who doesn’t? I am not on welfare, not even close. My great-grandfather was a self-made millionaire and couldn’t even READ. I don’t expect a handout from anybody and in fact I feel that I have to work harder just to be better. I have held down jobs since I was 16 and even before then, I always found a way to make a legal buck by babysitting, washing cars, etc. For someone to sit behind their computer screen and say that Black America is voting for Barack because we expect some FREE perturbs me to no end. So here is a little history lesson for those who think that African Americans, Negroes, Blacks, Niggers, us, those kind of people, or whatever else you want to call us want a handout. 

Lets go back to the early 1500’s, when Africans were taken from their homes for free and sold for profit. I know in history class many are taught that in 1619 in Jamestown, Virginia is when slavery started but I like a more factual blog. So let me get this right. Human beings are taken from their homes and families and brought to all areas on the world to work for free and live in inhumane conditions while their owners make the profit. Yes the argument can be made that some prisoners of war were sent into slavery as well as some blacks owned slaves but this is irrelevant for the majority of the people who were enslaved. Moving right along… America was turned into the power that it is due to the FREE labor of blacks. This isn’t your normal volunteer job because it wasn’t by choice. Now who got the handout in this deal?

Emancipation Proclamation? This document made all blacks free. It was our handout right? The handout that wasn’t even implemented until more than 3 years after it was put in place. See I am a Texas girl and I know all too well what June 19th means. June 19th is the day that word made it to slaves in Galveston that they were actually free. See this is somewhat funny how our handout was not told to all parties involved because the free labor that shaped this nation wanted to keeps its grasp for as long as it possibly could. 

Oh this gets even better…. it was against the law in slave time that blacks could be educated. Maybe if some of those slaves could read, maybe they would’ve been able to free themselves a little sooner. But moving right along… Slaves could fight in wars for their freedom and the freedom of their people. Fighting alongside whites that wanted them to be enslaved. Putting their lives on the line for people who don’t even see them as people. Who benefitted from this handout? 

Separate but Equal?  Yes, we can give them free schooling but none of the means to better themselves. Another little freebie that America gave us. We could have our own water fountains and our own bathrooms. We even had our own little special section on the bus. How dare we not be grateful. We had our own colleges and all of our own stuff. Yet none of it was equal. You still have schools that are historically black such as Booker T. Washington High School in Houston, Texas, otherwise known as my alma mater. Yet, because of tax cuts and reform- poor old Booker T. can’t get proper equipment or decent teachers. Those kids can’t get a decent education and for some reason just can’t seem to get out of their stupor. Why can’t those people just get jobs and work? They are so rude and butcher the English language. They are thugs and use drugs. Why do they keep having children? They don’t respect themselves and are loud. Oh my! I’d be loud too if I could get no one to ever hear me. A lot of people are more than willing to work but its funny when you can’t get a job because your job requires education. You couldn’t get a proper education so you couldn’t get a job. You would know the English language if you had a teacher who could properly teach it to you right?  You can argue with me all day about the opportunities that seem to be so present in America because I have been on both ends of the spectrum.  I saw what it was like to be in a class where you don’t have enough desks. I saw what it was like to not have a teacher qualified to teach a class. But have many of you or is it too scary to go to that part of town? So thank you for your free education that has kept most of black America from your jobs and your part of your town. Just think of it as a handout! 

So to the man who so honestly wrote and believed that Barack is the go to choice for African Americans because of freebies….I just want you to think about this for a minute:

I understand that you want your white superiority to last and are afraid of something different but you nor anybody else in the majority can complain about a freebie. Because if you didn’t know, you have been getting freebies all your life. I didn’t say it was easier for a white person to live in America because I am not white but I do know that it isn’t easy being black. I don’t want your handouts and don’t think that giving us a black President will be giving us a handout in anyway because we have had to pay a price since 1502. If you don’t believe that just think of all the men who were lynched for nothing, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Emmitt Till, James Byrd, and all the other people who were killed. Now you tell me who got the handout because I don’t see Aetna, J.P Morgan Chase, AIG, New York Life, and a host of other companies that directly have benefitted from slavery complaining about their handouts. Barack is  NOT campaigning to be the President of black America. He is campaigning for the position of President of the United States of America which would include you sir. 

So why am I voting for Barack? 

His stance on higher education because that directly benefits ME. 

    $4,000 goes a long way I must say. 

His stance on the economy.

     For some reason, I just don’t get how the super rich don’t have to pay as much as someone who is super poor? So yes, I like the middle America tax credit! 

Wait, I just figured I really don’t need to justify myself because of my choice, on the reasoning behind it. I am voting for Barack because he is the best candidate for me based on the issues. I looked at where the candidates stood on their issues. For those who are voting for little to no reason at all, I advise you to check the issues. I am still working on my post about where each candidate stands so stay on the lookout. 


Whew felt, like I just wrote a novel but glad I got this off my chest! 

In closing, check out www.barackobama.com for more insight on where he stands. Also look at www.johnmccain.com and compare. Choose who best suits you even if it is John McCain. Just don’t limit yourself to looks and age because at the end of the day those superficial things won’t bring those people, fighting a war about nothing, home. It won’t help your child in school. It won’t help you pay less for gas. It will just be a vote! Sometimes that is just not enough. 




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