What makes my news so darn good?

26 06 2008

I just wanted to pay homage to all of the lovely men that make my news just a little bit better to watch. This is clearly a MY OPINION post so feel free to add the people that you like to the list. 

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A.J Hammer of CNN’s sister channel Headline News’ Showbiz Tonight. His last name is so ooooh! Who cares about Showbiz when you have face like that….mmmmm

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Anderson Cooper of CNN’S Anderson Cooper 360. Those eyes do make me do full circles (360 degrees). His coverage is amazing and well put together just like his suits. Beautiful smile and professional. Did I mention those eyes??? Lol! 
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Wolf Blitzer of CNN’s The Situation Room. Yes, this one might be questionable to many but my birthday is two days after Christmas. Blitzer sounds like Blizten the reindeer. I also think that a name like Wolf is sexy as all get up. Imagine him introducing himself….let me stop before I have to watch him on youtube! I bet he was a Fox in his younger days and just like a fine wine…it gets better with age. 

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Since I decided not to create any particular order, I can clearly say this is my number 1. T. J Holmes in a CNN Weekend news anchor in the wee morning hours. I may not get much sleep having to wake up so early but I would do it over and over again for this man. Those eyes and cute smile just grasp your attention. He can be reporting about goldfish and I would still be amazed. When I go back to Atlanta, it is my duty in life to meet you and hug you (very tight). Let me stop before I sound creepy. 🙂

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Don Lemon from CNN’S Newsroom. He looks like that guy who would always open your door and be that shoulder to cry on. He would feel bad that he broke a girl’s heart because he can’t be with everyone. LOL Hey, a girl can dream! 

Others on my list:

Keith Olberman : Countdown with Keith Olberman on MSNBC

Mitch English and Andy Campbell: News Anchors on the Daily Buzz

Matt Lauer: The Today Show on NBC

Sanjay Gupta: CNN News







2 responses

26 06 2008

Excellent choices, especially Anderson Cooper who is supremely gorgeous, smart and funny. TJ and Don are hot additions to CNN and make me happy whenever I run across them. Wolf is a robot, he goes on for hours! Keith Olbermann’s brains rock my world.

27 06 2008
Mitch English

Thank you so much!! Its fans like you that make it easier to get up in the morning!! THANKS!!


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