NBA Draft- Karma Edition

26 06 2008

So, for those who are watching the NBA draft on ESPN right now…I know you see how many freshman have been drafted. So, get this, the NBA implements the notorious 2006 rule that a player cannot be drafted unless they are one year removed from college. I know you have all heard of the story about Brandon Jennings trying to screw the system by playing overseas. He says that the NCAA coaches are making money off of them and they have no choice but NOT to go to college. However, he is looking at the option of playing overseas where he will be able to make a good sum of money and play against older and more aggressive ball players. Yall already know that US teams gobble up international players! Well back to the issue at hand. So the NBA is currently in the first round around the 29th draft pick and most of them are college freshman. Sometimes having a team playing together for a longer length of time helps the team. Longevity helps to create cohesiveness and we all know that people who understand their playing traits, play better. The karma that I am talking about is, these players who really want to go to the NBA don’t want to play NCAA ball. They want to go pro and if they have a great freshman season and enough people in their ear….their name will get sent to the NBA draft losing their eligibility to further play in the NCAA. If this keeps happening, longevity will most likely go out the window. New star players each year and having to start all over each year…. darn! Too bad! Let’s be honest, college isn’t for everyone but since I don’t make the rules and only abide by them…. I can sit back, observe, then say I told you so. Congrats to these gentleman and please stay out of handcuffs and headlines but in our communities. 🙂 (That was so rude but its the best way that I can put it) 





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