My Scene Summer Edition: Houston Sneak peak

26 06 2008

I am trying to diversify the topics that I write about while not compromising my voice or being too superficial. I do want to provide people who read this blog with an alternative view to a lot that is going on and a part of that is our communities. This post is dedicated to the some hot spots that you might want to check out in Houston. I will also being doing a post on Washington D.C and the internet in the coming posts. 


Nike Houston Pro-City at Fonde Recreation Center for the pro- am league. See your favorite professional and amateur players all in one spot playing against each other. The biggest perk is that the games are free but do get the early or you won’t be getting a seat. Games start July 7 at 6:30. Be there EARLY! 

The Houston Astros- Go STROS. Root for the good guys at Minute Maid Stadium

The Houston Dynamo- Champions are no stranger to Houston. Neither is our soccer team at Reliant Stadium.

Houston is top notch when it comes to athletics even at the high school level. A lot of AAU tournaments happen during the summer as well as All-Star games. They offer another alternative in the sports arena. 


I don’t take shopping lightly! It is a stress reliever on me and not on my pocket book as it should be. I do splurge though ! 

Rice Village- Sandwiched in between the Medical Center and West University is this shopping gem. The ambiance that is created with the landscaping and architecture is very calming. It is an outside mall but is worth the exercise. My favorite stores are Premium Goods and Uncle Funky’s Daughter which are exclusive to the Village. They also have your favorites such as Urban Outfitters, Victoria’s Secret, Gap, and a host of others. 

The Highland Village- In between The Rice Village and The Galleria. It doesn’t boast as many stores as the Rice Village but is a good place for people who need to get a lot done in a little bit of time. Rice Epicurean and Central Market are right across the street for your grocery needs. As well as being surrounding by both fast food and dine-in restaurants, gas stations, and house-ware stores. 

The Galleria- This is the best place to shop in Houston for everything. Its not your quick get in- get out mall either! I love the Galleria with a passion and it trumps on so many other malls. Houston shopping has spoiled me because there is nothing like it. I know you have the East Coast and West Coast but been to both and I still say that Houston shopping is amazing because the people have southern hospitality and you have all the options in the world. Plus you can shop for any price point. 

But the location that is my get-a-way would be tucked away in the heart of Montrose. This little shopping strip on Westheimer has the best thrift stores that fit my style. Buffalo Exchange, Fashion Recycler, Leopard Lounge, Wish, Taxi Taxi, Eden, and a host of other great stores have unique items and the staff really try to create a relationship with you each time you visit. The newest edition is Suckerpunch which appeals to the urban streetwear scene. Montrose also has unique antique shops as well as quaint cafe’s and restaurants.  


I would be shot if I didn’t hit this point. You have soooo many options when eating in Houston its crazy! 

Shipley’s Donuts- Boasting only 200 locations in Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi.  This one thing that I truly missed while at Howard. 

The Kolache Shoppe- Located on Richmond, behind Edward’s theatre. The best kolaches EVER. Freshly baked each day. If you are on a really tight budget, you can buy the limited supply of day-old kolaches and other pastries that they have. 

The Breakfast Klub- Mr. Marcus is a savior for this great restaurant. Limited hours but not limit on the flavor. I live for wings and waffles! You can’t go wrong. You will even have a chance to see celebrities because this hot spot is famous to Houston. 

The Reggae Hut- Being a 3rd ward representative..I live for THE REGGAE HUT. For a minute it was closed down but Mr. Marcus brought it back and brought back the original chef. My order is always jerk chicken with extra sauce and beef patties. The Cocoa bread and stew is amazing too!

Alfreda’s Soul Food Kitchen is just a block or two away and is GOOOOOODDDD! 

I would be dead wrong if I wrote about 3rd ward staples if I didn’t name FRENCHY’S! I cannot tell you what Frenchy’s does to me! I mean I am creole and the name is Frenchy’s. LOL It was a match made in heaven. Everything on the menu is wonderful and finish it off with a strawberry soda! Note: There is nothing like the original Frenchy’s! 

If you are in Houston, please try any thing with the name Goode Company in front of it! Goode Company Seafood, Goode Company Barbecue, Goode Company Mexican Food …whatever. It is alll Good! Lol Get it?

Cafe’ Express- Actually founded by my little cousin’s best friend’s mother. (Yall got that?) The food is light and full of taste. Perfect dine in atmosphere and very cozy. 

Ninfa’s- What good would a post about food in Houston if we didn’t talk about Mexican food. Ninfa’s is amazing. Just amazing! No need for elaboration!

Need a fast food fix???? I got you covered. Timmy Chans is bomb. I die for their biscuits and the prices are perfect for my college student wallet. I used to frequent the one on the Southwest Side of Houston by Fondren. Don’t let the appearance deter you…the food is good. 

This is just a sneak peak because I want to leave you wanting more. I will be updating and adding places frequently because there is SO much to do in Houston and if I don’t break it up…I won’t have enough room to write. 






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