I kissed a girl and I liked it…..

25 06 2008


If you haven’t heard the Katy Perry song…ITS A GREAT SONG but this is not about her even though she got to stand alongside the beautfiful Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes in their video of “Cupid’s Chokehold”. (HI TRAVIS!) But seriously, people who know me know that I love to go buy a couple books from Barnes and Noble and knock them out every couple weeks. The most recent trip I found a book just misplaced and bargain priced for $4.98. The name of the book is Coffee Will Make You Black by April Sinclair. I quickly read the back and the first page and was like this is a STEAL! Copped it along with another book and went about my way.So I just finished The Assassination of the Black Male Image which I talked about a post yesterday meaning that I wasn’t supposed to start reading CWMYB until tomorrow. Well pains from my lower mandible and the recent abscess that developed in my neverending saga of dealing with my wisdom teeth extraction…I COULDN’T SLEEP! So I got tired of the 3 A.M news, infomercials, and HGTV …decided to just read a couple pages to calm the nerves. Yeah so THAT didn’t go as planned. I couldn’t put the book down. Hours passed and I kept saying just a couple more pages and little did I know 6 o’clock rolled around and I was on the tail end of the book. When I say this story made me literally LOL.. I kid you not. I related to this girl named Stevie from the jump regardless of the different era. However, I didn’t pay full attention to one of the reviews on the back cover which is the real reason why I bought the book(plus the price). This particular quote reads: 

“A pleasure…heartwarming…memorable…told with earnestness and humor…a coming-of-age story with a twist”

Ann Whitehouse

The Chicago Tribune

Okay, we all have our little twists but little did I know….the story that seemed to steal events from my life would really twist. I commend April Sinclair for dealing not only with coming-of-age from the black perspective but she also dealt with sexuality (without having to portray Stevie as some sapphire or jezebel). I won’t kill the beans but this book was bomb. I will be getting the sequel, Ain’t Gonna Be The Same Fool Twice, as soon as I can get my hands on it.  This book came out in the early 90’s and I do recommend that people my age who are still transitioning to young adulthood pick this book up. This is a colorblind read and you don’t have to be black to relate although it helps. The story is funny as hell and you rarely find a book that deals with a black woman who has dealt with some below par black males, that don’t complain. That was the biggest part of my affinity for this book. Yes, Waiting to Exhale is a good story and entertaining, but it is also important that we have that option to NOT have to hear about every complaint against the black male community. Yes, stuff happens and then we move on. She had issues with her father and other black males, not once did she ever denounce them or devalue them as a men which is a beautiful thing to see and read coming from an African American perspective. We have all had our Terri’s, Yusef’s, Roland’s, and the other multitude of relatable characters regardless of time period. 

One of the things that I took from the book was found late in the book but its the notion of transparency.

“Stevie, you can only become what you already are”

“Come again?”

“My yoga teacher says that you don’t change, you just become more transparent.”


Now put that in your ovens and let it marinate. 

For more information on April Sinclair please click here for the link to her website!


Hey you never know…you just might kiss a girl and like it! (Trust me I didn’t blow the storyline)





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25 06 2008


Read what you wrote about “Coffee…” and sent a link to my sister (April) so she could read it, too!


Marcia Sinclair

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