Poor Don just can’t get it right. Al don’t you dare email me either!

24 06 2008

So it is probably safe to say that most already heard about the Don Imus comments on his radio show. This is after he lost his job for calling the Rutgers Lady basketball players “Nappy headed hoes”. So basically he was talking about Pacman Jones who can’t seem to keep himself out of trouble. Imus comes to his defense and tries to say the reason that he gets in so much trouble is because of racial profiling. Well that is what he said so I will give him the benefit of the doubt! However, the problem is YOU GOT THE WRONG ONE!!!!! Pacman Jones needs to get his butt beat and when there are rules….guess what YOU FOLLOW THEM. I mean it would different it he was talking about the Jena 6 saying that these boys are being given harsh treatment because of their race but no he picked a brother who gets himself in trouble. I do give him props for trying…just do a little more research. Another bit of advice is that when the question was presented..”Well what COLOR is he”…the response was he is African American. I learned colors in elementary school. African American wasn’t in my crayola box.

Oh and then Al Sharpton’s trifling self wants to say he will have to look closely at taking action. No! BOYCOTT AL SHARPTON. He is too sensitive and everything is NOT racist. Chill on the boycotts and fines! Supposedly you are the ONLY ONE benefitting from your endeavors anyways because I have YET to receive a scholarship from YOU! Yeah you have done a little good but you are damaging the fight for equality. Keep crying wolf and people will stop listening.

Don’t like it…just look at the URL. Paid for by ME! Meaning I can do as I please! moving right along !!!!!! 🙂




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