Political Update with an F.D.R twist

24 06 2008

So it seems the McCain camp has gotten themselves in trouble for a recent statement that Charlie Black, a top strategist for McCain, made in Forbes. If you haven’t heard the scoop on CNN, MSNBC, local News, etc…well except for FOXNews for their multiple failed attempts are providing a professional unbiased environment. …but back to the issue at hand. This dude had the nerve to say that a terrorist attack on AMERICAN soil would be an advantage to McCain. I don’t give a damn who you are, but when you are saying that Americans dying would help you win your candidate’s little election…that bothers me. So its wrong for someone to go back on their word for a meager 84 million but it is okay for people to DIE! Okay maybe I am new to the political arena but that just seems a little weird to me. Now John McCain has to distance himself from Black but I just want to bring up a pertinent issue. I will be honest and say that I haven’t heard McCain’s full thoughts on this and don’t want to give him the business just yet so I will hold out for more info. However, think back to a little situation with Rev. Wright. Obama was held under such scrutiny for a man’s belief that were not his! But the media sure did not get the memo that Rev. Wright and Obama were not the same people. I really do sympathize for these men because they have to be associated with so many people who are NOT them. I am guessing the easiest way to say this is that we as a voting public need to make sure that we also look as these candidates as INDIVIDUALS with people who ADVISE them. Example: when your Mama (your top strategist) told you not to touch the hot stove and you did it anyways….. 

Now for the F.D.R twist.

Being that WashDC is my second home, I have played tag multiple late nights around the monuments. 

A special monument for this post would have to be FDR’s monument which features the four freedoms that were given in a MONUMENTAL speech with the same name. ( GET IT! MONUMENTAL!!! okay well it was funny to me) Back to the point-> 

The four freedoms are:

Freedom of Speech- Yes, we are entitled to our own opinions but that does not mean we should separate moral values for camera time. This is a very SENSITIVE time and maybe your Grandma never brought a switch out on you when you little for saying something out of line but at the end of the day we are all PEOPLE. Let’s respect that and not play the thought police on EVERYTHING!!! Some of it gets a little ridiculous. 

Freedom of Worship- I commend Barack Obama for his comments that sympathized with the people who want to separate church and state. I am a Christian but the person in the voting booth next to me may not be and that is PERFECTLY FINE! Let’s stop being so judgmental of people differing from US. (whoever US may be) To the article about the Muslims feeling left out…. I can understand both sides of the argument. Barack can go to a church but hasn’t appeared (or it hasn’t been publicized) in a mosque. Maybe he should just say F some of yall and visit EVERYONE. However in this election, as a black man….say F some of yall may not get him in the oval office. We just need a positive forum for discussion across the spectrum. 


Freedom from WANT- We all WANT our candidate to do this and do that but we must not forget to look at the issues that are pertinent for AMERICA as a whole. I am not saying one issue is more important that another but a lot of people are hurting ECONOMICALLY. We NEED lower gas prices and to really sit down and look at this energy issue before it is too late. There are basic needs for human survival and some of these NEEDS aren’t being met at HOME. Home meaning AMERICA. Yes, you may WANT to bomb the hell out of the Middle East for their oil but hmmmm….WHAT HAS IT REALLY DONE FOR US. $4.00-$5.00 per gallon of gas. Yeah didn’t think you we see how our WANTS have benefitted us that much. I want a President that first meets our basic needs and then handles our wants. 

Lastly, FREEDOM FROM FEAR- Look at what fear has done for the image of the black male. It is almost an ingrained archetype in EVERYONE to be scared of the stereotypical black beast. Hell, I won’t lie..I will lock my door if you walk to close to my car because of a FEAR implanted in me everyday via news and over guesstimated statistics. Yeah, putting fear in are hearts is a good tactic but I am tired of living in fear. It is time to be free of it. Just a thought….maybe we should start looking at some achievements from all communities! 


If you don’t believe me…have a look for yourself… SEE IT SAYS IT ALL RIGHT THERE!!!!! 




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