In lieu of the B.E.T Awards

24 06 2008

Hmm if we are so proud to be BLACK and black is so beautiful. Why do we degrade our women in our music and the videos? Lets practice what we preach Diddy. An amazing book that I just finished reading today is entitled: The Assasination of the Black Male Image by Earl Ofari Hutchinson. It provides details on the plight of our black brothers out there and what we can do to help them in turn helping ourselves.

Click here to buy the book at

So count this at a little attempt to help promote achievements by minorities! Since I know you are tired of every depressing story on the news being about a minority and their antics. Trust there is a LOT more good out there that is being dismissed. 

Back to the music….

We all use the line that the beat is good.. that we forget about the words but if the beat is so good…why can’t we change the lyrics. Did we not learn anything from the fraudulent convict Akon? I mean he had me thinking that he would never be able to get Federal Financial Aid for college because of his criminal background but HE LIED TO ME TO SELL RECORDS. I am hurt! Now SMACK THAT! People are using images to sell records and people are believing them. 


For example this morning Pat Buchanan on MSNBC said that people are being too sensitive or being the thought police. Imus only said what the rappers were saying. Its no EXCUSE for ANYONE! 


We keep telling ourselves we are beautiful but we need to start believing it and implementing it into our lives. I refuse to allow some executive to make millions off of an image that they are feeding to us as OUR CULTURE. Come on people….we have been through too much to allow OUR CULTURE to be brought down to this. Its quite depressing. 


Time to take my medicine and go to sleep so my pearly whites can heal! Good NIGHT!!!!!

Just remember to let this little post sit and marinate in your oven! 




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26 06 2008

OMFG!!! I completely agree with you on this post!! Did you see Hip-Hop vs. America II on BET last night? It was amazing! They discussed this exact same thing!

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