My tooth extraction!

18 06 2008

So, my tooth extraction went well, however my bottom teeth were wrapped around some nerves and sometimes my jaw gets numb. My mouth tastes like blood and I resemble a light skin Kanye West (plus you know I got those lyric skills too)!  My oral surgeon was great despite the fact that I have panic attacks and faint when I get shots, go to the doctor, etc. He gave me some stuff to calm me down and I was on cloud 9. I was even able to watch the season premier of Flipping Out on Bravo and the Celtics win the championship. Shout out to Kendrick Perkins, you made your grandma proud. She always talks about you at church. 

Enough about me, while being all out of it….I was just thinking, what if I didn’t have the means to have my wisdom teeth taken out. Hell that is mediocre compared to the problems that others are plagued with. It is like a domino effect. You live in a house where you can’t breathe because you can’t afford to get your house fixed. You have to go to the doctor because you can’t breathe because you keep getting sick because of your living situation. All of your money is spent going to the doctor and not fixing your house because you have realized that you won’t ever have the funds to fix your house. How saddening is that? People die not only because they are sick, but because they have to return to these death traps after coming back from the hospital. If only our government had their own Extreme Home Makeover! 

But I will sit back on my pain pills pondering how to fix this problem because I am suffering from side effects that make me feel like Super Woman! 





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