Made me mad: Hurricane Season

18 06 2008

As a member of the Beaumont Chapter of Red Cross, we have to take certain classes to make sure that we are prepared for disaster relief efforts. It is also our responsibility to spread our knowledge on to others in our area. However, most of us know how to take care of ourselves in time of disaster. If you don’t, go to your local grocery store and pick up one of those handy dandy hurricane preparedness kits. They are FREE!!!!! Since it is my responsibility to let it be known about our oncoming natural disasters, I can’t help but wonder who makes the media aware of our pending storms. Clearly you have not forgotten Katrina or Rita. Both of which did a number to my house! 

My question is brought about because of the Midwest flooding. You can turn to any new station and see the damage that has been done and there was NO delay in reporting it. I mean my heart goes out to those affected but I mean, honestly I have to worry about my family and friends because who knows when we will be picked up on the news if another high caliber hurricane hits. Oh and another thing, the wildfires! Yall sure did pick up on that real quick! 

I am trying to stay calm but damn! Are we invisible? I apologize if I am coming off as the stereotypical black woman that FOX News tries to play off as a joke(i.e Michelle=Baby Mama) but I have to sit here and wonder if this hurricane season will take my house away causing me to live in a FEMA trailer that could possibly be the death of me. This isn’t about color or who is blaming who….this is about MORALS! Maybe they learned their lesson after the hurricanes but who is to say it won’t happen again. I am a young 19 years old but I am no fool! It is time for people to say enough is enough. I am sick and tired of seeing stories that are used to get ratings. Those socialites got more airplay than Hurricane Katrina and I have to feel bad because they spend a couple days in prison when there are so many innocent men and women in jail serving life sentences for crimes they didn’t commit. Oh yeah, I am coming with a vengeance on this post! Maybe these pain killers are giving me courage but right now I could care less about feelings. I pray that this year will be different but if not, you better believe there will be some boycotting and all holy hell breaking loose. Oh and it won’t be like Rev. Al Sharpton type of boycott where he gets a little chump change to call the whole thing off. Now I am going back to watching my movie! 


I will probably post later once my face stops feeling like I got hit with an 18 wheeler! 





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