The Gentlemen’s Club by Jamie Foxx

15 06 2008

The Gentlemen’s Club is the brainchild of Jamie Foxx and hosted by Fonsworth Bentley, a Morehouse Grad, will premiere on July 15, 2008 on MTV. It will take men from all different races who are not “cultured” and turn them into gentlemen for the grand prize of admittance into The Gentlemen’s Club and a whopping 100,000. My favorite part of the trailer is when Fonsworth is interviewing one of the hopefuls and he states how he lives in his car. No wait, the best part is that he say but its a Benz! Does that make it any better? 

This trailer was like the light bulb that I needed. What if the men who obviously come from humble beginnings are given the opportunity to change their mindset because they are enlightened on aspects of life that only few know such as decorum, proper money management, and education?

What if each of us who have been given the opportunity to “do better” go back and teach our youth how to actually make it in life. I mean sans rap star and athletic dreams and exchange them with the idea of a post secondary education and a career? What kind of impact would that make? Well I am here to find out. I am hosting an etiquette seminar at my church in July for the young ladies. I want to give them the opportunity to see that they are beautiful and smart. Give them the chance to see what it is like to know which fork to use or how to greet and elder. You don’t know how good it felt when people used to tell my parents how well behaved I was. I want to teach these girls that although people call it boughy or “acting white”, it is perfectly fine to be doing well in life!

You take one and I will too! By the time we are finished, we will take back our youth! 





One response

24 06 2008
Lisa Dore

Finally, someone is doing something about training our lost young people. FONZWORTH BENTELY is the perfect person to inspire the young and old alike. He’s one of the most talented people out there. I am so very proud of the work he’s doing for our society. We need him. He’s talented in so many ways: He dances, raps, sings, writes music, acts, he’s an author, he’s handsome and he’s educated. GO GET UM FONZ!!!

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