Are you black and missing?

15 06 2008

If you are, well I apologize that in most cases, I will not know about you! I have to give my admiration to those who started the blog called Black and Missing. I would raise all holy hell if my brother went missing and no one would cover the story. To those parent affected, I extend my dearest sympathies to you. If only there were more that we could do. I mean there is always Black Television outlets like BET…right? Oh wait, they just show garbage! (However, I do tune into A Different World on the regular and College Hill occasionally) Other then that BET is trash. We must do better to save those who can’t save themselves- OUR CHILDREN. Despite common misconception….it still takes a village to raise a child! I don’t know where I would be without it!

Please visit this site regularly! Thank you! 




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