I lied.. one more post- DO SOMETHING

11 06 2008

The SUMMER is when most students sit back and relax, take a break from school, and in some cases- get in loads of trouble. I mean lets be for real…you can be using some of that time to do something for your community; I promise you that your actions will come back in the form of blessings. 

Where to start:

Well what I started doing was searching what interest me. I have been very active in community service throughout high school and now that I am in a different area, I have to find all new contacts and agents of change. 

The Humane Society of Southeast Texas- I love animals and have adopted from here before. It felt only right to spend time socializing animals and at the end of the day…you helped someone or something! You barely even know that you are doing service! Look up your local animal shelter, SPCA, or Humane Society! 

The Church- If you don’t believe in a higher power, it doesn’t mean that you can’t help with certain projects. Many churches need donations and an extra pair of hands to help the community in which they try to reach. You might even get a lesson in the process! 

American Red Cross- Oh I cannot tell you how much the Beaumont chapter of the ARC has amazed me. They welcomed me with opened arms and even gave me a cactus named Sherman! Since it is Hurricane Season, I need to make sure that I am ready. Being apart of ARC allows me to also be able to help others more. Living through hurricanes is a life altering experience. When my house burned down so many people can to my rescue. What if no one was there for you? Just let that marinate.

Mademoiselles Alumnae, Inc. – If you are in the Houston area and have graduated for a Mademoiselles Official Chapter then please offer assistance to this organization founded by Shannan Johnson and Brandii Mayes! These are two amazing graduates of Booker T. Washington High School/HSEP as well as former Mademoiselles. People came back to lift you up and now it is our turn! 

These were just examples of organizations to look for. Join Civic organizations that benefit your community. If you don’t take care of home, who else will? 

Search online through databases such as VolunteerMatch.org where you can search for events in your area and areas abroad.

Don’t feel like getting off of your lazy bum this summer? 

Don’t worry…I get service for you guys too!

ICOULDBE.ORG is an online portal for mentors and mentees to do activities and talk about issues affecting them. You remain completely anonymous and are protected within the system. The interface is easy to use and the children really need your help. 


Other organizations to look up:

  • Your School Alumni Group
  • Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts
  • Local Civic Organizations
  • Your neighbors 🙂

Have a wonderful and selfless summer!




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