The Presidential Blackout

3 06 2008

I do not want to speak too early on Obama gaining the Democratic nomination because sometimes “stuff” happens (having an AA card, I know all to well how “stuff” always seems to happen). But in lieu of this up coming milestone, I want to shed light on an important fact; Barack Obama has not been the only African American to run for office. The African American history lesson for today is….


The following African Americans also tried to run for the prestigious office of Commander in Chief:

Shirley Chisholm- The late Shirley Chisholm was the first African American female to be elected to Congress in 1968 and ran for President in 1972. 

 Jesse Jackson- The famous civil rights activist and Baptist minister ran for office twice, once in 1984 and again in the year of my birth-1988.

Al Sharpton- What can I say about our permed friend that no one already knows. Hmmm he was the tour manager for James Brown and had cameo appearances in Mr. Deeds and other televisions shows. He is an activist and Pentecostal minister. He ran for President in 2004 but before that, he ran for Mayor of New York City and U.S Senate.

Alan Keyes- Keyes not only ran for President in 1996 and 2000 with the Republican party but he also ran against Barack Obama for Senate in 2004. We are all aware of who won but do I sense some foreshadowing here….. Hmmmm maybe Barack does have the ball in his court after all.

 Carol Moseley Braun- Braun made history in 1993 by being the only African American woman elected to the U.S Senate. (She is still the ONLY one!) She ran for President in 2004. Maybe this a little more foreshadowing but she was also the Senator of Illionois.. Once (Keyes), Twice (Braun)…maybe three times a charm. I am liking the odds!

Lenora Fulani- Lenora Fulani was a prominent activist and psychologist. (Seems like we need someone sane in office) She ran as an independent in 1988 and 1992. In 1988 she not only had the honor of being able to run as the leader of the United States, she was the first WOMAN and the first African American to be  on the ballot in all 50 states.

I am not pro-black….I am pro-ME! I just so happen to be African-American! 🙂

I am also Polish and Creole for those who are wondering! I will represent them too! lol




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